By Kathleen Mullane

Hi everyone,  hope you are all keeping well out there, not worrying too much about the virus, and counting  every day as a blessing whatever about being in lock down and having travel restrictions. We really aren’t that badly off considering that in some places like America  there are queues outside the food pantry, miles long, seeking food, many of them illegal Irish with young families who can’t come home even if they wanted to, so we must count ourselves  very lucky!!!

A lot of the charities  are appealing to everyone to donate even  €4 to their respective charity to help them out at this critical time for them. Their numbers  are constantly  being shown on screen.

One of these is the very  deserving Pieta House which we all know is so deserving, so, if you feel like getting up at 5.30 on may 9th the for the ‘ darkness into light’,  you can donate to the charity.

Lots of work has been done during the month of April with our great weather. The turf is nearly dry already for some .My 5 year old grandson was taken to the bog the other evening with his mom and dad. After a short while boredom was setting in and he asked “when are we going  home”?  They explained he should help  to turn the sods as it would keep him warm in the winter. His reply was “this is my worst nightmare, worse than a monster film!!!”  His 8 year old sister had a different  idea and asked her dad  “how much do I get for turning each of these black things” !! Maybe getting kids back to the basics is no bad idea at all!  Keep safe.