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Kathleen’s Corner-13/04/2021

By Kathleen Mullane

Back to school

Well it was a big day today as all students returned to school after the Easter break. Some hadn’t been to school since Christmas so no doubt it was a shock to the system . However all were happy to be meeting up with their friends and getting back to some sort of normality. It was also great to see some construction workers out on the building sites as well. Many were out in garden centres picking up their bits and  pieces for planting and the extension from 5k travelling distance to 20k was very much welcomed by everyone who were able to go different routes from the normal they had to stick to all along. And now with the vaccine rollout no doubt things are going to improve hopefully soon. We look forward in anticipation.

Sincere sympathy to Patrick Shanahan and the Shanahan and Brosnan families on the recent tragic death of Siobhán. Sympathy to the Mullane family Templeathea, cousins of the Shanahan family, and to all relatives and friends. May her angelic soul fly to heaven above.

The death has also occurred in Great Barr, Birmingham of Mary Lynch, wife of the late Sean. A private family funeral will take place at a later date. Mass has been offered here in Athea last Sunday for the repose of her soul and remembering deceased members of the White and Lynch families of Glenagore, Athea. Mary watched the Athea Mass every Saturday night on live stream from Athea. May she rest in peace.

Next Sunday from 2 – 4 the church will be open to facilitate parishioners in bringing in their Trocaire box donations and also the Easter dues and weekly Mass envelopes. You are asked to come along and if you have a neighbour who may not be able to travel in to bring in their envelopes.

It’s so annoying to see after all the hard work of volunteers on Good Friday that some people don’t get THE MESSAGE. I was told this morning that over near Glenagore direction at 7.45am there was a lovely clean road and at 9.30am a short time later someone had thrown out a load of rubbish again. Anyone seen throwing anything about should receive a hefty fine and name published. I wonder would that even stop these LITTER LOUTS. Now they have stooped as low as to be throwing their masks out.


You will face many defeats in LIFE, but never let yourself be DEFEATED.


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Kathleen’s Corner-06/04/2021

By Kathleen Mullane


Well the parish of Athea were OUT IN FORCE on Good Friday when the annual Team Limerick Clean Up took place. Last year if you remember it had to be cancelled due to Covid and this year it once again didn’t take place in some areas. But we here in Athea, with the help of the Tidy Towns who supplied the volunteers with all the necessary gloves bags etc had other ideas and it was amazing to say the least when all along the approach roads into our little village, families with young kids, elderly people,our youth, our Priest and many more took to the roads and ditches and bog roads and back roads collecting other people’s rubbish. Not mentioning any names I even saw a man over beyond Reidy’s shop with two walking sticks picking up rubbish, that’s what you call DEDICATION. The huge skip at the hall which was overflowing with bags was proof of a job well done. Please let’s keep ATHEA tidy now after every volunteers help. Well done yet again Athea parishioners.

The Easter Ceremonies went off very well despite not being able to celebrate them in the church ourselves. It’s wonderful to have the webcam to view all. The altar looked fabulous, well done to Hannah Mai for the flowers, to Teresa O’Halloran for organising the altar and John Redmond and of course Siobhán Barrett who had all the readers and readings sorted. Not forgetting all those who helped with the readings or in any other way to make the ceremonies so nice and Fr Duggan who had a lot to do over the week in strange times. Easter water is available at the back of the church outside.

You are asked not to forget to hand in your Trocaire donations in an envelope or box preferably as little coins as possible with Covid and a lot more counting to do. This year more than ever your help is needed for those so badly off in deprived countries.

It’s back to school for everyone this Monday and hopefully the next few short weeks will run smoothly, and that the Leaving Certs especially will get on well despite their difficult year. Here’s to the safety of all the children. Over 40 per cent of the population in the USA have got their vaccines but the Covid Variants are still winning hence their rush to get as many as possible vaccinated quickly. We live in HOPE.


It is during our darkest moments we must focus on



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Kathleen’s Corner-30/03/2021

By Kathleen Mullane


Can you believe it I’m here emailing notes this beautiful Monday evening to our newsletter after a lovely bright day, and thinking this time last year we were still wishing everyone a Happy Easter with our Easter ceremonies being celebrated to an empty church again this year. However let’s not dwell on the Negatives, there is enough negativity in the world Positivity – is the name of the game. If you can get out of bed in the morning, have enough food in your fridge, a roof over your head and a bit of laughter and kindness in your life, you can count YOUR BLESSINGS. Anyway wishing all readers of the newsletter a very Happy Easter and here’s to next Easter — Covid free.

I have heard it all  you can buy Virtual Clothes and Trainers now and show them off to your friends on Facebook etc. You pay so much and it improves your image or so they say. I’d rather go into a shop and buy a pair if needed, rather than pretending I had a pair of designer trainers costing hundreds  — what next I say !.

The other day I heard on the radio that there was a waiting list in Dublin for a certain type of a sandwich costing  90 Euro, you would buy a fair amount of sliced pans and make your own for that much . I suppose you have those people who like to boast that they paid that much for a sandwich—not me however.


May God bless you at Easter,

And keep you all year through.

May God give you all the faith it takes

To make your dreams come true.

May his love and wisdom always help,

To guide you on your way.

May his light shine down upon you now,

To bless your Easter Day.


Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.


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