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News – 13/04/2021


Norann Cusack who donated a Monkey Puzzle tree to Fr. Brendan Duggan is pictured with her daughter Mary. Norann’s son Denis disappeared 17 years ago, hopefully he will show up. If you have any information please contact Garda McCarthy or Fr. Brendan.
The tree was planted by Gearóid Collins of Beechwood Landscaping in Fr. Duggan’s garden.

Good News

The Ardagh/Carrigkerry/Athea C.E. Scheme will resume again on Monday, April 19th. Hopefully this will be the last time that the Scheme will have to be shut down. There is a lot of work to be done now with grass cutting etc. We live in hope.

St. Bartholomew’s Church, Athea

Mass Intentions next weekend

Sunday April 18th 10.30am             Josie O’Sullivan

All masses are live streamed on the Church Services TV network via the following link

Church opening

The Church is open daily for private prayer. If you wish to book an anniversary mass, a wedding or baptism date or get a mass card signed please contact Fr. Brendan on

087-0562674 or Siobhan on 087-2237858.

Easter Water

Easter water blessed at the Easter Vigil is available at the back of the church beside the sacristy door. We have also produced a prayer card with prayers for the blessing of family and for the blessing of land and animals which are available in the church.

Easter Dues, weekly offertory collection envelopes and Trocaire Boxes can be handed into the church next Sunday April 18th between 2-4pm

The Way I See It  

By Domhnall de Barra

It came as a shock, on Wednesday last, to hear Dr. Murphy talking to Joe Duffy on the radio from his hospital ward in Limerick. He was there due to stress created by people making threatening and abusive phone calls to him and his staff about why they or their loved ones had not been called for vaccination against Covid 19. They couldn’t understand why people down the road had been called and they hadn’t or, worse still,  they had suspicions that favouritism was being used in the practice to bump certain people up the list. There are good reasons why certain people are called before others, usually because they are at greater danger of serious illness, or even death, due to underlying conditions that may not be obvious to the general public. There is also the matter of supply. A practice can only administer the vaccines they receive and sometimes they are left far short of what they should have due to logistical problems. Even if there is no priority, all the people in a particular age group cannot be seen together; someone must be first and somebody has to be last in the group. The difference is only a few days or weeks at the most so a bit of patience is required. Dr. Murphy has been my doctor since he came to Athea many years ago. I like to think of him also as a friend who will hear my problems in a nonjudgmental way and offer sound advice. He is a dedicated, talented and friendly professional who cares deeply for all his patients. He is in no rush when having a consultation and will stay well over the allotted time if necessary even if at times some of us in the waiting room are wondering how long more we are going to be there!.   I think I got to know him best, as a person, when he joined the Athea Drama Group in the ‘90s. We had some great nights and he played a great part in the promotion of the group. Let’s be honest, he is probably the best thing that has happened to Athea in recent years. He built up a very successful practice that grew as word of his achievements spread. Soon people were coming to him from far and wide and that enabled Diarmuid O’Riordan to open his Chemist’s Shop in the village. Many of the people who attend the clinic come down to the Chemist’s to get their prescriptions filled and while in the village some may call to the other couple of adjacent shops. Without Dr. Murphy there would be no Chemist’s and there would be a remarkable loss of footfall in the local businesses.  So, we owe him a debt of gratitude and it is heartbreaking to think that this man can so easily be abused by people who have a sense of entitlement. There is a sinister underbelly of society that is very easily exposed when scratched. This can be seen on social media in particular where some vulnerable people are driven to distraction by vicious posts. A sense of superiority and entitlement is very common in society. People with a few more acres of land or cows look down on those who haven’t as much; townies look down on country mugs; people from Cork and Dublin feel superior to “culchies and bog men” (that’s us by the way) ; the aristocracy in the UK are born with a sense of entitlement from their imperial days when they raped the third world and robbed it of its wealth; the Unionists in the North think they are entitled to rule there and Nationalists think they have a right to a United Ireland. So a sense of entitlement is no stranger to us. The teachers’ unions decision to take industrial, action if they are nut bumped up the vaccination list is both foolhardy and short sighted.  It shows them in a very bad light at a time when people are making great sacrifices to fight the pandemic. It is foolhardy because, even if they were to strike, everybody will be treated with the vaccine before the holidays are over so the gesture would be futile. It is bad PR because there are so many more groups out there who could be considered more “front line” than teachers who are not making such a fuss. I am not talking about teachers, the vast majority of whom are hardworking professionals who care for nothing more than the welfare and education of their pupils, but those who are union minded and care more about their own welfare than the public good. Unions are necessary in the defence of the working classes but union leaders should pick their fights carefully. I would be very surprised if a majority of teachers in the country would back industrial action if it came to the point so they have nothing to gain and everything to lose.  Public opinion is certainly not in their favour as the medical and scientific evidence that older people are seventy times more likely to get seriously ill and die from Covid than teachers in their thirties is compelling.  All the teachers I have spoken to will not be in favour of striking but some are naturally disappointed at being misled by the government when they were promised they would be prioritised. Let us hope common sense prevails and all this will be soon forgotten.  More and more people have had their first and second jabs and it won’t be long before we are all protected and able to live our lives in a normal fashion again. In the meantime we wish Dr. Murphy all the best in the final few months before he retires. He will, be sadly missed when he goes.

Last Saturday was a great day to be Irish as Rachel Blackmore became the first female jockey to win the Grand National. She is a real superstar and a lovely lady to boot. Henry De Bromhead pulled off one of the greatest training achievements of all time when his horses came first and second in the National a few weeks after he also had the first two home in the Gold Cup at Cheltenham. Add to that the fact that the first five horses in the National were Irish and you can see while there is great cause for celebration and pride. The Grand National has a special place in the hearts of the Irish people and I can remember, when growing up, my mother and all the neighbours picking a couple of horses to have a shilling or two on. It was the only topic of conversation in the weeks leading up to the big race and people who wouldn’t know a good horse from a donkey suddenly became experts with tips galore. It was a harmless bit of fun and lifted our spirits in times that were by far tougher than today.

In a recent article  I  did on the spread of Covid 19 in the parish, no reference was made or intended to Enright Kitchens.





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Kathleen’s Corner-13/04/2021

By Kathleen Mullane

Back to school

Well it was a big day today as all students returned to school after the Easter break. Some hadn’t been to school since Christmas so no doubt it was a shock to the system . However all were happy to be meeting up with their friends and getting back to some sort of normality. It was also great to see some construction workers out on the building sites as well. Many were out in garden centres picking up their bits and  pieces for planting and the extension from 5k travelling distance to 20k was very much welcomed by everyone who were able to go different routes from the normal they had to stick to all along. And now with the vaccine rollout no doubt things are going to improve hopefully soon. We look forward in anticipation.

Sincere sympathy to Patrick Shanahan and the Shanahan and Brosnan families on the recent tragic death of Siobhán. Sympathy to the Mullane family Templeathea, cousins of the Shanahan family, and to all relatives and friends. May her angelic soul fly to heaven above.

The death has also occurred in Great Barr, Birmingham of Mary Lynch, wife of the late Sean. A private family funeral will take place at a later date. Mass has been offered here in Athea last Sunday for the repose of her soul and remembering deceased members of the White and Lynch families of Glenagore, Athea. Mary watched the Athea Mass every Saturday night on live stream from Athea. May she rest in peace.

Next Sunday from 2 – 4 the church will be open to facilitate parishioners in bringing in their Trocaire box donations and also the Easter dues and weekly Mass envelopes. You are asked to come along and if you have a neighbour who may not be able to travel in to bring in their envelopes.

It’s so annoying to see after all the hard work of volunteers on Good Friday that some people don’t get THE MESSAGE. I was told this morning that over near Glenagore direction at 7.45am there was a lovely clean road and at 9.30am a short time later someone had thrown out a load of rubbish again. Anyone seen throwing anything about should receive a hefty fine and name published. I wonder would that even stop these LITTER LOUTS. Now they have stooped as low as to be throwing their masks out.


You will face many defeats in LIFE, but never let yourself be DEFEATED.


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Knockdown News-13/04/2021

By Peg Prendeville

It is great to have lovely news for a change. Congratulations to Joan and Tommy O’Connor, Turraree on the birth of their grandchild, Harvey Matthew Tynan, who was born on Sunday to their daughter Fiona. Parents and baby are doing well. Joan and Tommy are expecting two more grandchildren before the summer is out. Exciting times for all.

Ballyhahill NS Parents association is wondering if “ because we were unable to do anything to fundraise, we are hoping that if anyone is able to donate anything at all towards new outside picnic tables and chairs for the students we would be most grateful. They have no outside seating as it stands and could badly do with some so we are hoping to get them but it would be a lot more feasible if people could donate something towards them if at all possible. We would be most grateful. Get in touch with any of us here through any of the parents or with the school itself. Thanks so much. –  The Parents Association”.

Not that I have any knowledge of racing but isn’t it great to see Rachael Blackmore being so successful recently bringing honour to herself, her family and the whole country.  My grandchild Saibh Prendeville, 7 years, is so proud to be photographed with Rachael at the Listowel Races in 2019. It is a photo she will treasure all the more now. She has an ambition to be like her.

I suppose we will soon hear the rattle of the turf machines, hopefully followed by the melodious singing of the cuckoo. It lifts my heart every year. There was a very interesting programme on the Burren on Sunday evening in which they spoke about the cuckoo. An interesting bird.



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