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Clodagh Ahern who took the silver medal in the U9 Gymnastics at the National Community Games Finals in Athlone last Saturday

Clodagh Ahern who took the silver medal in the U9 Gymnastics at the National Community Games Finals in Athlone last Saturday

Success for Athea in National Community Games Finals

Limerick were well represented by Athea Athletes in the National Community Games finals held in Athlone over the last two weekends. Weekend 1 saw Dermot Pierse put in a gallant performance in the U12 1200 Cross Country. In swimming Anne-Marie Pierse competed well  in U14 50m breaststroke, while Emily Pierse competed in the U16 50m Backstroke, and competed again the following weekend in the 7K marathon U16 team event. Gymnastics saw great performances from Katie Byrne in the U11 competition, while the best result of the games came from Clodagh Ahern in the U9 event where she took 2nd place winning a silver medal, this was an outstanding achievement and she did herself and Athea proud, congrats Clodagh. A big thank you to all parents and anyone who helped out with community games throughout the year, we hope to get everyone’s support again next year, well done to all.


Michael & Kitt O’Connor,  Lower Rd, enjoying the recent Athea GAA ‘Night at the Dogs’ at Tralee Greyhound Stadium

Michael & Kitt O’Connor, Lower Rd, enjoying the recent Athea GAA ‘Night at the Dogs’ at Tralee Greyhound Stadium

Spot the donkey!! Dick Sheehy’s foal out for his Sunday morning pint! Hope he brought his ID with him, he looks a bit young!!!

Spot the donkey!!
Dick Sheehy’s foal out for his Sunday morning pint!
Hope he brought his ID with him, he looks a bit young!!!











Athea Fishing Club

A mixed competition will be held in the river this Saturday evening (August 29th) from 5pm to 8pm. Sign on in Brown Joe’s Pub. Only those signed in will be considered for weigh-in.

Barbecue later on in same venue with music and song by Pa Quaid. Come along for lots of fun and craic.

Enquiries to Ann Sheehan at 087-1415487 for details of competition etc. Lots of spot prizes, burgers and hot dogs will be the order of the night. Your support will be greatly appreciated.

Striking a Balance

A topic that is often discussed, particularly on radio and television, is the use of corporal punishment to chastise children. There are those who believe that giving a child a smack on the bottom is no harm to them and helps them realise that there are consequences to misbehaving and then there are others who are fervently opposed to any physical contact at all. Both sides can put up good arguments to back up their theories.

We must remember that it is only in very recent times that corporal punishment was prohibited in schools.  In my days at school the rod was liberally used as a punishment for not knowing the correct answer to a question, misbehaving or indeed at the whim of the teacher. Most teachers were fair but there were some who went too far and over did the beatings. I remember one teacher in particular who, though a great teacher, had a bit of a drink problem. The day after one of his binges was dreaded. Filled with remorse and suffering from a hangover, he took out his feelings on us and used any excuse to use the cane. He would ask rapid-fire questions and if you weren’t quick enough with the answers you suffered. I remember one day answering all the questions he threw at me and I was so happy I allowed a little smile to cross my face. “What are you smirking at ?” he said and proceeded to give me a double dose for insolence. I hated every day I went to school unlike my grandchildren who love going. That is one change for the better. If you had the misfortune to mention at home that you got slapped at school, you got another beating at home because the teacher was right and you were wrong. Parents and teachers believed the saying “spare the rod and spoil the child” and it made our young days mostly forgettable. It made good liars of us though. You never admitted to wrongdoing and always made up a good excuse to avoid getting the rod or the strap. There is no doubt that it had a lasting effecting on some of us. I grew up believing I was totally worthless and I developed an inferiority complex that has plagued me for most of my life.  Everything was so negative, even God was waiting for us to trip up so that we might be sent to burn in hell forever!. Nowadays there is more emphasis on love and understanding and less fear.

There is still the problem of discipline. At school errant children may be suspended for a period. This interferes with their education and is far more harmful than a couple of slaps on the hand. Some parents believe their children can do no wrong and let them do as they like. We all know what that leads to. We all have to learn that there are consequences to our actions and the best time to learn this is at a very young age. Parents face a huge challenge in dealing with young people who are getting most of their ideas from TV programmes and social media. It can be very provoking to be defied by one’s child but beating them is not the answer. The question is, what to do?  I am no expert in this field so I am not going to give an opinion but I would question the total outlawing of a smack on the behind for a youngster who is throwing a tantrum. A balance has to be struck between giving in completely and physically hurting a child. I never want to go back to the awful days of my youth but I have to admit that on one or two occasions I gave a smack to my own children when they were young and never had to repeat it again. They have grown up ok and have a good sense of what is right or wrong. There is no perfect way.

Domhnall de Barra

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Kathleen’s Corner-26/08/2015

By Kathleen Mullane

“Back to School” 

Can you believe it ‘back to school’ next week with some schools re-opening the end of this week – where have the summer holidays gone one wonders? Since early in the new year, the weather has been the focus of everyone’s attention and irrespective of what it brought it was seldom enough to satisfy us, the long evenings outside where one could have a barbecue or eat out and the joy of one fine day following another – unfortunately it never became a reality. Now as the children return to school and the holidays come to an end there is still the hope of something better to come! We live in anticipation of an “Indian Summer” at this stage but if it doesn’t come there will be no time for regrets. Once the clocks go back it wont’ be long until Christmas but quite some time before robin songs melt the last of winter. But we will look on the bright side and be thankful for our health and all we’ve got considering the many sad things that are happening all over the world.

Congrats and well done to the Pierse family of Gortnagross who represented  Athea and our parish so very well recently in Athlone at the Community Games finals. Emily did very well in the 7k and 50m backstroke as did Anne-Marie also in the swimming with Dermot taking part in the 1200m cross country. Indeed an achievement for them, all doing themselves, their family and parish proud.

Who needs the Oxford dictionary when you come across all these brilliant Irish slang words. One wonders what other nationalities think of our ‘lingo’ – to mention a few – if you said someone had “an awful puss” they might think you were talking about a cat – whereas we here in Ireland know it means “a sulky face”

Then you have “he’s a gas man” – meaning he’s a funny man, not a man do with gas!

The word “blackguard” – doesn’t mean a guard who is black but in Ireland means ‘a chancer’ or a con artist.

Then you have the extraordinary sayings like – “fit to be tied” or “stop the lights” – “off me trolley” – “how’s she cutting” – “isn’t it not” – or “do you fancy a few scoops” – then again another one – “traipsing along”, “As sick as a small hospital”, “the job is Oxo”, “Janey Mac”, “how’s the talent”, “Mother of sweet incarnations”, “Amadán”, “effin an blindin”, “dressed to the nines”, “there’ll be wigs on the green”, “fluthered” and there’s many more.

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Knockdown News-26/08/2015

By Peg Prendeville

It is hard to believe that Glin Library will be ten years old in September! All 16 children who are presently members of Glin Library, and who are also celebrating ten years this year, are invited to visit the library and celebrate with it on Friday September 11. Of course everybody else is welcome also. There may even be a few treats!

Happy retirement to Denis Culhane who celebrated with family and a large group of friends in Knockdown recently.

I have not the details but I hear that there will be a BBQ and fun and music in Knockdown Arms next Sunday from 3pm to raise money for the Simon Community. All support will be appreciated.

It is nearly Back to School time and parents are busy sorting uniforms and books for the children. Ballyhahill school will have 7 pupils starting this year including two of my own grandchildren. Proof that we are all getting old! It seems only the other day that I wrote the following when my own youngest started school. We wish them all happy schooldays.

Act of Love

Dressed in her navy and grey

I lead her to the school bus,

like the robin pushing her young

out of the nest.

Every muscle in me

strains to hold her back

and hug her to me

so that she may never lack

the comfort of knowing she is loved.

But a deeper knowledge whispers

“Let her go. Let her find herself.

I have given you the pleasure

of her first four years.

It was my special gift to you.

But she is my flower.

I will feed her

and she will blossom.

Give her to me and I will care for her

and you will have the reward

of knowing that you helped to plant

the seeds of her loveliness.

Like the seed she will endure darkness

before the light will draw her

so that her colours will ooze forth.

Then she will dance and sing in the sun

and she will fly back to you

on the wings of freedom.”

With tears ready to spill

I wave to my youngest child

as she begins her first day at school.

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