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Athea Tidy Towns-13/07/2021

By Damien Ahern

With the help of Councillors John Sheahan, Francis Foley, Liam Galvin & Michael Collins, Padraig Vallely of Limerick City and County Council and the Town and Urban Renewal Department of LCCC, our magnificent footbridge in Athea is due to be refurbished in the coming weeks. The bridge was erected in 2005 by Athea Community Council and was largely financed by the community. The bridge is now showing signs of disrepair and requires treatment. The structure is due to be washed, sandblasted and painted in its entirety. This allows us the opportunity to choose a colour for the bridge. In an effort to create a greater sense of place, we are proposing to change the colour of the bridge to the Athea Parish Colour of Maroon (similar to the colour of the new Athea Signs on the Glin, NCW and Abbeyfeale Rds). However, we also have the opportunity to freshly repaint the bridge in it’s current colour of black. We are currently running a poll on our social media page allowing people to vote for maroon or black. Anyone who does not have access to social media, can vote by placing their name and their chosen colour on a card and dropping it in the letter box at CD printing by Wednesday July 21st.

We are glad to report that dumping at the Bottle Banks has reduced since the installation of a solar powered Wifi Camera. There were some instances of bags of clothes left at the bottle banks during the week by a local lady, but following an image shared on social media, the bags were removed. A reminder to all that it is an offence to leave bags of any kind at the banks, even if the banks are full. We plan to take a proactive approach on social media, sharing images of offenders if required. Many thanks to the majority of you who continue to respect the use of the facility.

An exciting project is also underway on the Glin Road, which will see a new feature added here in the coming weeks. Many thanks to the Hen Harrier Project for supporting this project. Watch this space for updates.

We would like to offer our congratulations to Jamie Kelly and Karen Matthews who became engaged to be married recently. Wishing them a lifetime of happiness together.


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Athea Tidy Towns-22/06/2021

By Damien Ahern

It is great to see the return of our hanging baskets and window boxes to the village bringing some much needed colour and cheer to the street. We are hopeful of some warm and sunny conditions to allow the flowers to flourish.

Many thanks to the FÁS workers and Jim Carmody who are busy each day tending to the village ensuring the village is maintained to a high standard. We would encourage everyone to support the Community Council Draw upon its return to support the provision of the local CE scheme.

Unfortunately dumping has become a major issue at the Bottle Banks in Athea. Each week a large amount of rubbish is removed from bags that are being left at the side of the bottle bank. We are currently investigating ways to redesign the bottle bank to prevent dumping at this site. Our group has also invested in a CCTV camera for the site, hoping to identify the culprit/culprits. A reminder that leaving a bag of cans/bottles/clothes at the bottle bank when the banks are full is also classed as dumping. A reminder also to local Public Houses that is it an offence to use the bottle banks for commercial purposes. All establishments are required to have their own bins to dispose of class bottles/cans.

Many thanks to our local councillors John Sheahan, Liam Galvin and Francis Foley who have committed funding from their GMA allocation towards the repainting of our footbridge. This is a huge undertaking with the project costing over €50,000 for a complete repaint. We are very grateful to Limerick City & County Council for all their help and support.

We have just a few jobs remaining at our River Walk in advance of an official opening to take place later in the year. With the help of the Hen Harrier Project, we have commissioned a large Hen Harrier Wood Carving which will be placed on the Glin Road.

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Athea Tidy Towns-22/12/2020

By Damien Aherne

Athea Tidy Towns Committee with Fr. Brendan Duggan

 Athea Tidy Towns Launch their Newest Project – a contactless Bottle Refill Station

A Contactless Bottle Refill Station is the newest facility to be installed in Athea, thanks to the efforts of the local Tidy Towns Committee. The idea was muted a number of months ago by the group who then decided to submit a funding proposal supported by Councillor John Sheahan to the Community Enhancement Programme through Limerick City & County Council. The proposal was successful and a grant of €4000 was made available towards the installation. The group enlisted the help of local illustrator Rachael Grainger who designed the artwork for the fountain. Rachael was previously commissioned by the group to bring the Athea Heritage Trail to life through her unique designs.

Athea Tidy Towns are hopeful this will reduce their consumption of single use plastics and help us in our efforts to become a more sustainable community. The hills around Athea are a popular route for cyclists who pass through the village regularly who will now be encouraged to stop and refill their water bottle at the site. Pedestrians and local school children will also be able to access the fountain with their reusable bottle.

Following a public call out for a sponsor to fund the ongoing maintenance costs of the unit, Athea & District Credit Union have generously offered to cover the cost of maintaining the unit ensuring a fresh clean water supply in the years ahead.

Speaking with Athea Tidy Towns Secretary, Damien Ahern, he noted; ‘We would like to especially thank Sinéad

O’Donnell  and Padraig Vallely at Limerick City & County Council for assisting us with delivering this project and to Councillor John Sheahan for assisting us with funding applications. We are delighted to be one of five locations within the county to be home to a contactless Bottle Refill Station. We are encouraging everyone to bring their reusable bottle to our new fountain and to ‘have a bottle on us’.

The fountain was launched on Sunday, December 20th and a blessing was performed by Fr. Brendan Duggan.

History of Athea’s Water – By Jamie Kelly 

Water has always been considered an important resource by our ancestors. Many of our ancient traditions and beliefs revolve around the power that it holds. For centuries, water has flowed through Athea Village providing a never-ending supply. The Galey, the Village Pump and the Athea Water Scheme (1929) all provided inhabitants and passers-by with a source of water for drinking, cooking and washing. The installation of this new water fountain beside the 1930’s water hydrant continues the tradition of people accessing water in the heart of Athea Village.

Representatives from Athea & District Credit Union at the opening of the Bottle Refill Station



Henry Moran & Damien Ahern

Councillor John Sheahan cutting the Ribbon

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