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Another year of celebrating these 2 legends  Patie 90  and Connie 91. Happy Birthday and good health and happiness to them both.


















Readers:                                       Sat – K. Mullane       Sun – Linda Hunt

Eucharistic Ministers:                 Sat – M. Enright        Sun – Mary Hunt

Mass Intentions:

Fri Oct 29th 7.30pm:        Sean McAuliffe. Kathryn Burke – recently deceased in the UK, relation to the Quaid family of Upper Direen.

Sat Oct 30th 7.30pm: Joan Phelan – Month’s Mind. John & Catherine Leahy.

Matthew (Matt) Tierney. Jimmy (Danny) O’Connor. Kathy Moran and her husband Thomas and their sons Sean & Patrick and grandson Sean Anthony.

Sun Oct 31st 10.30am:   Marie & Lar Buckley. Josie & Patie Mulvihill and their daughter Mary McFerron and granddaughter Tara Barrett.

Patrick & Josie Danaher, Maurice & Frances Danaher and Nuala Missorici.

All masses and funeral masses are live streamed on the Church Services TV network via the following link

If you wish to book an anniversary mass, a wedding or get a mass card signed please contact Siobhán on 087-2237858.

Baptismal Information Any parent who wishes to baptise their child must have the baptismal course completed – for further details please contact Theresa on 087 1513565. Next course date: Tues 9th November.

R.I.P. – Your prayers are requested this week for Jack Stackpoole, Athea Lower and Nora Fitzgerald USA and formally of Keale, Athea – whose funerals took place during the week.

November – All Souls Day is on Tuesday November 2nd. Parishioners will find purgatorial lists beside the weekly offerings box in the church – these can be returned to the church and those listed will be remembered at all masses during November. Our Annual Remembrance Mass for those that died during the year will take place on Saturday Nov 6th at 7.30pm and all going well it is hoped to have the Graveyard Mass at Holy Cross on Friday Nov 5th at 4pm and at Templeathea on Friday Nov 12th at 4pm.

Athea Gun Club

It’s that time of year again and with the pheasant season fast approaching we would like to encourage people to clean and check their guns thoroughly before use. On Monday, November 1st we will hold our annual long tail competition in the Top of the Town. Not only members but all are welcome on the night for anyone who would like to see exactly what we do on the night. Last entries will be taken at 7.15 and measurements start at 7.30 sharp. I would like to thank farmers and land owners for allowing us to hunt on their lands and on that note I would urge all members to be respectful of landowners property and close gates and fences while passing through. Keep membership and insurance with you at all times as you may be asked to produce. I would also ask anyone who has any problems with vermin not to hesitate asking a gun club member for some assistance.

Finally, safe shooting and happy hunting.
Secretary – Raymond Brouder

The Way I See It

By Domhnall de Barra

The recent rise in the cases of Covid is worrying at a time when the country is starting to open up again and night life is once more a feature of our lifestyle. This is happening despite the fact that Ireland has one of the most successful vaccination statistics in Europe with over 90% of the adult population having received protection. It is also worrying to hear that, of the people who are hospitalised with the virus, two thirds are those who are not vaccinated. I know it is everyone’s right to refuse the vaccine but, if I am a worker in an environment where I have to have close contact with somebody who is not vaccinated, don’t I have rights as well?  There are those who have genuine reasons for not being vaccinated but there are also those who have been influenced by misinformation on the net that  is hosted by people who seem to have the necessary medical credentials and experience who give data that says the vaccine is harmful to our bodies. I would take issue with them on two counts. First, the  degrees they have may not be genuine because I can go on line tomorrow and get a degree in any subject that I like  as long as I can pay for it. Second, every medicine we take has some possible harmful effects. Because I have Diabetes type 2, I have to take a number of pills each day. Two are for helping the Pancreas to change sugar into insulin and the others are to do with blood pressure and the prevention of heart failure. They come in packets and in each packet is a slip of paper warning of the possible side effects each drug has but in reality they only effect a tiny minority of the population and most of us benefit hugely from them. The same can be said of the Covid vaccination as a small minority will have an averse reaction to it but the vast majority will not. Who do I choose to believe; the tiny minority who are scaremongering or the vast majority of scientists and medical professionals who tell us that the  vaccination is quite safe and effective in keeping us healthy. Then we have the conspiracy theories that tell us certain ultra rich individuals are putting some ingredient into the vaccine that will make us easy to control in the future  and  also that  governments of the world have conspired together to manufacture the virus as a means of reducing the world’s population. The first theory is so ridiculous that I won’t even comment on it but the second one  creates a scenario that is extremely scary. There have always been individuals and nations who wanted to exterminate certain races to “purify” the human race. The worst example of this is the Nazi’s attempt to exterminate the Jews and also those who, because of being handicapped in some way, were a burden on the state, but there are other examples worldwide of cultures who see themselves as the chosen ones who are willing to kill those who do not share their beliefs. We had the Ku Klux Klan in America who would gladly kill all negroes before granting them freedom and equality. They still exist to this day and have been given a new lease of life by the reign of Donald Trump who gave them a certain credence with his “America first” rhetoric. In our own country there are those of the unionist and nationalist  persuasions who would gladly get rid of each other and the fundamentalists of the Africa and the Middle East who are happy to blow themselves up as long as they kill a number of “infidels” in the knowledge that there is a place in heaven waiting for them. I wonder what type of God they think they are going to meet. Yes, there is evil and hate in the world but to think that all the major governments are in a conspiracy to kill off people with a virus in a bid to reduce the world’s population is going beyond the bounds of reasonable supposition. Yet, there are people, normal intelligent people, who actually believe this and will back it up with arguments that, to some, seem plausible. I am no expert but if any of these conspiracy theories are true, the world is nearing an end. Maybe I am a fool but I go along with the majority who reject these theories and maybe we can live happily in our own “fools paradise”.

Man’s inhumanity to man continues and there are no shortages of races who think they are somehow superior to others and want to keep the wealth of the world for themselves alone. In the western world it is usually the WASPS (white anglo-saxon protestants) who hold those beliefs. They are a product of the past and the nations who colonised and plundered  defenceless nations in the past and enforced their beliefs on them. They became the masters  and their white skins became symbols of their powers.  They forget that what colour their skin is and what beliefs they hold are due to an accident of birth. I could say I was lucky to be born into a country like Ireland that is relatively affluent, has a good democracy and  a mild climate but I could just as easily have been born in the slums of Calcutta or some of the war-torn countries of Africa where mere survival would be a huge problem. Until we realise that we are all equal as human beings who share this planet there will always be trouble and strife. Jesus Christ said it well: “love thy neighbour as thyself”  Therein lies the answer.

Congratulations to Micheál, Eileen and Liam Broderick, Cratloe West, who appeared on the TG4 programme “Realta agus Gaolta” on Sunday night. This is a competition for families and not only did they give a great performance on the night but actually won and are through to the next round. They are staunch supporters of  Athea Comhaltas and play at all our sessions. Micheál teaches music in Athea and Eileen teaches traditional singing. It is no surprise that they won on Sunday night because they have all won All-Ireland championships in various age groups. Well done lads and we look forward to seeing you on the screen in the future.

Volunteer Wanted

Knockanure Meals on Wheels are looking for a volunteer driver to deliver a meal each day to three people in the Athea area. Two are in Markievicz Park and one in Upper Athea. For more information please contact this office at  068-42533 or 087 6758762

Lucky Numbers Draw

The Community Council “Lucky Numbers” draw has a Jackpot of €13,000 this week. This jackpot is frozen at the moment because our licence will not allow it to go any higher. This is the Council’s only source of revenue and we need to get funds to upgrade the Community Council offices on Con Colbert Street. To this end we are asking for support for our draw in any way possible. Who knows, you may even walk away with €13,000.





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Kathleen’s Corner-26/10/2021

By Kathleen Mullane

There definitely is a drop in temperatures as I sit down to e-mail my few lines this Monday night. However tomorrow is meant to rise to 17 degrees in places. And we must admit that up to now we haven’t had it that bad at all, and considering that this weekend sees the clocks go back an hour, and we aren’t very many weeks to Christmas we are only doing great.

Actually with the change to Winter Time we must not forget those who may be living alone, and who may not have many visitors. It would be nice for them to have a visit or even a phone call from a neighbour or friend as they will no doubt maybe find the nights long. However do not despair people are there to help and I’m sure would be only too glad to bring a few messages if asked, and Spring will be on the Horizon before we realise it.

Sincere sympathy is extended to John O’Halloran, Gortnagross and his sister Breda and their extended family on the recent death of their sister Hannah – Joan Nelligan of Purt, Abbeyfeale. May the light of heaven be hers.

The death took place this past week of Jack Stackpoole of Lower Athea who was predeceased by his wife Bridie. Jack had reached a great age and was a member of the farming community. Many lined the street on Sunday before requiem mass to show their sympathy. Burial took place in Holy Cross following concelebrated requiem mass. Sincere sympathy to his daughters, sons and extended family and many friends .May he rest in peace.

You are asked to write out your purgatorial list of deceased family members and friends so they can be put on the altar during November. Envelopes are available at the church doors.

I recently went to the clothes banks in the creamery yard to deposit a few bits, the clothes were falling out of the 4 bins there. I wrote down the numbers listed on the bins and rang the relevant charities, and to be fair to them all in a very short time the situation had been rectified. It’s our duty as a community to keep our ATHEA VILLAGE clean and tidy so we must also instil it in our young people not to throw rubbish bottles etc about.


The only place where Success comes before Work is in the Dictionary.


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Knockdown News-26/10/2021

By Peg Prendeville

Halloween is coming up. It has become a major celebration in many houses now with decorations for two weeks beforehand just like Christmas. Children are getting more ambitious every year with the costumes for the last day at school before the mid term break. My grandchildren love showing me their “bloody” rigouts. It is very different to our time when we only had snap apple!


The veil is thin at this time of year

And our dead are hovering near

The quiet and stillness suits the mood

And calms the simmering fear.

But children have the happy knack

Of making it seem like fun

When they don masks and ghostly dress

And all their fears they shun.

“Trick or treat”, they sing their song

As they visit all the neighbours

Gathering sweets and apples

As a reward for all their labours.

At home they play snap apple

Or dive for coins in water

They carve faces out of pumpkins

And double up in laughter. 

While adults think of loved ones

On the far side of the veil

Whom they hope to meet again some today

And exchange some merry tales.

I love the autumn but at this time of the year the falling leaves can be a nuisance when they are too near the house and lawn. It is impossible to keep them gathered up.  As well as being unsightly they can be dangerous when it rains and they get slippery. So I’m out again to gather up some more.


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