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St. Vincent de Paul

Church Gate Collection

Will take place on Saturday, December 1st & Sunday 2nd. Your generosity, as always, would be appreciated.

Funeral Arrangements or the late Mikey Byrne

Mikey Byrne sadly passed away unexpectedly on Wednesday last at The Gables, Athea.  He will lay in repose at Kelly’s Funeral Home on this Friday evening from 7 to 8 pm. His funeral Mass will take place at 12 noon on Saturday with burial afterwards in Holy Cross Cemetery, Athea. ‘May he rest in Peace’.

If anyone wishes to make a donation towards the cost of his funeral they can do so by contacting Fr. Brendan Duggan, it would be very much appreciated.

Rambling House

A Christmas rambling house will be held at Fr Casey’s club house, Abbeyfeale on Thursday, December 20 in aid of the Chemotherapy Day Ward at Kerry General Hospital. Your support would be greatly appreciated and all singers, dancers, storytellers and musicians all welcome to attend.  Doors open at 8.30 and show begins at 9pm.  Spot prizes and Santa will also make a visit on the night.

Christmas Cards

Hand-painted Christmas Cards are available at €5 for a pack of five at the Community Council office. €2 out of each set will go towards the Athea Lourdes Fund.

Call into the office or ring 068 42533  / 087 6758762  to order cards.

Going Strong Christmas Party

Names must be in by this Wednesday, November 28th for the Christmas Party on Wednesday, December 5th. Please contact Peggy Casey on 087-9416223 or Maireád Langan on 087-6407026.Take Away Dinners on the day, need to be ordered in advance when booking.

Stranger than Fiction

by Domhnall de Barra

John (not his real name) was born the eldest of a family of six, into a small farm with the grass of 12 cows about a mile and a half from the town of Abbeyfeale. The farm had once been bigger but John’s father had a problem with the drink and every now and then sold a field to finance his habit. It was tough going for the family at the time, just after the second world war, and as soon as John was strong enough  he took on the responsibility of running the farm in his father’s absence. He missed a lot of days at school and as soon as he reached the age of 14 he quit altogether. His father often came from the town in a foul mood and sometimes would take it out on his wife. John was also frequently at the wrong end of a boot up the backside or a clip around the ear. They tried to avoid him as much as they could but things came to a head one night when John came home after being at the pictures to find his father laying into his mother in the kitchen while the younger children were upstairs asleep. He was 16 at the time but all the years of hard work on the farm had turned him into a very strong young man. He could stand it no more and hit his father with a haymaker of a punch that landed flush on his jaw and sent him reeling backwards. On his way to the floor he hit his head on the kitchen with a sickening thud and lay lifeless to the world. His mother tried to revive him but to no avail. John panicked when he saw what he had done and, stopping only to grab a few pounds he had saved he ran out the back door and disappeared into the night. He spent that night in a hay shed and in the morning he made his way to the railway station at Devon Road (he did not want to be seen in Abbeyfeale) and got the train for Dublin and the boat to England. On the boat he struck up a conversation with two lads from Galway who were returning to London after being home on holidays. Three of them had come home but one decided to stay which was lucky for John because they offered him a room in their lodgings. Work was plentiful in England and he was employed, under an assumed name, straight away. He kept himself to himself as much as he could but he couldn’t get what had happened out of his mind. He dare not write home to his mother in case his whereabouts would be discovered and, like many a lonely man before him, he took solace in the bottle. Every night he drank alone in the pub hoping the liquor would ease the guilt he felt. One night he was on his way home, well tanked, when he was set upon by two ruffians who beat him up and took the few pounds he had left in his pocket. After a while he dragged himself up and tried to make his way home. Hobbling along he saw a light in a church he was passing and he got a sudden urge to go in. The church was dimly lit but it was warm and as he sat in the back row a strange calm came over him. Memories of going to Mass with his mother in Abbeyfeale came back to him and suddenly he broke down. Sobs wracked his body as the tears cascaded down his cheeks. In between the sobs he spoke to God asking for forgiveness for the awful crime he had committed and vowed there and then to put things right. He went home and for the first night since he left home he slept without being disturbed by nightmares. He drank no more and at the end of the month he took the train and reversed his steps back to Abbeyfeale. It was Christmas week and there was great joy at the station in Abbeyfeale as the homecomers were welcomed on the platform by their families. John left the train with a heavy heart and made his way down the Killarney road and into the Garda station. Sergeant Normoyle was sitting at the desk and without looking up asked John what he wanted. “I’ve come to give myself up” said John. That got the sergeant’s attention and he looked closely at John recognising him straight away. “What did you do”, he asked. “I killed my father” said John looking down at the floor in shame. “When did this happen”   asked the sergeant. “Seven months ago” said John  who was more than surprised when the sergeant stood up and shouted at him , “Don’t be wasting my time with your fantasies, get out of here and don’t come back”. John was bewildered but he had nothing better to do but make his way home. When he reached the house he was surprised at how neat and tidy everything was with all the walls painted and the yard as clean as a new pin. The lights were on inside and he peered in the window. The family were on their knees saying the rosary and he couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the back of his father’s head as he kneeled at a chair beside the fire. John shook his head and blinked a few times to make sure he wasn’t seeing things but no, when he looked again, there he was. He lifted the latch and stood in the doorway. The younger children spotted him first and with shouts of “John, John” ran over and embraced him. His mother soon followed and then, for the first time in his life, he got a big hug from his father. John hadn’t long fled the house on the night of the fight when his father, who had only been unconscious, came to. He said it was the shock he needed to turn his life around. He had given up the drink and was at last the husband and father he should have been. After Christmas John returned to England in a different frame of mind. He worked hard and prospered and eventually married and had his own family. He was happy with his lot but he would never forget the joy of that Christmas he spent with the whole family, especially the father he thought he had killed.





















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Kathleen’s Corner-28/11/2018

By Kathleen Mullane

This weekend before all masses the annual Christmas Collection in aid of the St. Vincent de Paul will be taken up on Saturday and Sunday. Your support, as always, will be much appreciated and the money raised will be put to good use for those in need.

Today (Wednesday 28th) is the last day for names to be given in for the annual Christmas Party at the Top of the Town on next Wednesday December 5th. This is a lovely day with mass firstly followed by Christmas dinner, dancing and of course the raffle and afternoon tea. So have a great day everyone.

The Hall Committee wish to thank sincerely everyone who gave so generously to the Church gate collection last weekend for the hall upkeep which totalled €910. As I’ve stated many times the hall is a huge asset to our community and it is “A Community Hall”, and belongs to the Athea people – so well done. And of course last week I said we should be proud of our little village and parish with so many conveniences and to add to last week’s list – we have a betting shop (Lal’s Bookmakers) – vet (Pius Collins) no less than 3 Nurseries, a Dispensary, a Gym at Páirc na nGael and C.H. Fitness, 3 Undertakers and probably some I’m forgetting, so that gives us about “20” conveniences that we are so lucky to have, so “Athea is not Finished”.

Sincere congrats to Patrice Cleary & Colm Hassett, who were blessed with their new baby, a little boy, they are naming Malachy, a little brother for Rory. Congrats also to the proud grandparents.

It was with sadness that news reached us this week of the sudden death of Mikey Byrne of The Gables. He was everyone’s friend and a part of the Athea community for many years. He will lay in repose at Kelly’s Funeral Home on Friday evening from 7-8pm with burial after Requiem Mass at 12 noon on Saturday in Holy Cross. ‘May he rest in peace’.

The death took place last week of Anne Brosnan of Gortnagross, Athea. She reposed at her home where many came to pay their last respects on Thursday evening last. Burial followed Requiem Mass to Holy Cross. Sincere sympathy to her family, relatives and friends. ‘May the light of heaven be hers’.

Mary O’Connor of Shanagolden has gone to her eternal reward having reached her 100th year almost. Many paid their final respects at Ferris’ Funeral parlour in Shanagolden on Sunday evening last. Burial followed Requiem Mass on Monday with burial in Kilcoleman. Sympathy goes to her family and many relations and friends. ‘May she rest in peace’.

Grandparents/Parents Day will take place on Thursday 6th December at the school. This year our Bishop will attend and this, as always, should be a lovely day with the memorial garden being opened and some of the old Church altar having been used as a table there. All are welcome.

Don’t let the Community Games be non-existent in Athea. go along to the meeting on Wednesday night in the Hall. I’m not quite sure if it’s 8pm or 8.30pm. It’s a pity no one takes over the posts.

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Knockdown News-28/11/2018

By Peg Prendeville

The Annual General Meeting of Ballyhahill Development Association will be held on Tuesday 11th Dec at 8 p.m. in the hall. New members welcome.

It is now we are seeing some changes in our parishes as a result of the Synod. The introduction of the new unit of Parishes in our area will commence on next Sunday – 1st Sunday of Advent. The priests will rotate between the parishes of Glin, Loughill/Ballyhahill, Foynes/Robertsown/Shanagolden, Kilcolman/Coolcappa. As Fr McNamara said on Sunday “we must embrace these changes and know that God’s spirit is with us – no matter what.”

A great crowd attended the Food and Craft Fair in the Parish Hall last Sunday. It created a nice atmosphere where people got a chance to meet and shop and chat in a relaxed way. Well done to the Parish Hall committee for organising it.

Ballyhahill National School Parents Association has some great prizes up for grabs in this year’s Christmas school raffle so please buy a few lines to help support the local school. Some great work is being done and it is hoped to keep it up so all monies fundraised are greatly appreciated. They can be bought from all the school kids or in any of the local shops. There will be a gathering on this Saturday 1st of December at 9am at the school for the monthly clean up so if you have a spare hour or two to give on the morning it will be appreciated.

Glin Library will display Emma O’Connor/Bray paintings for the month of December so do not forget to call in. The exhibition will be displayed from December 4th.

Glin Fair is being held this Saturday while on Sunday December 16th there will be Wrenboys from far and near competing for the prize of being crowned best Wrenboys of Glin 2018. Tis all go!

The time has come for the Abha Bhán Players who, after months of learning lines, will be staging SIVE in the Parish Hall in Ballyhahill this coming weekend so again your support will be appreciated. Directed by Eleanor McSweeney and Caroline Gee it will run for four nights: Fri 30th Nov, Sat 1st Dec, Fri 7th Dec & Sat 8th Dec. Doors open at 7.20pm and show commences at 8pm. You can buy tickets in Paddy O’Rourke’s Shop, Ballyhahill or book them by calling 069-82245 / 085-1088445 between 6-8pm any evening. There are two sets of female casts. The first cast is: Helen Hayes, Jayne Daly and Laura Kerin and they are performing on both the Friday nights. The second cast is: Peg Prendeville, Norma Nolan and Orlaith McSweeney and they are performing on both the Saturday nights. The male cast members, who will be on stage for every performance, are Ger and Brendan Stack, Pat Noonan, Tony O’Shaughnessy, Terence McSweeney and Martin Halpin. There are many busy bees backstage also to ensure that the set and props are in order. Thanks to all who gave props and helped in any way. You are advised to book your tickets as they are going fast!

Loughill/Ballyhahill Parish Drama 

There’s drama in the parish

Is the whisper on the ground

It seems that “Sive” is being produced

So spread the word around.

The Parish Hall is where it’s at

On the 30th of November

As well as the 1st, and 7th and 8th

Of Christmassy December.

This team of local actors

Has been busy all the year

Learning lines and acting out

The aim it is quite clear.

It’s to bring a spark of levity

Into our winter season

So be sure that you support them

As it is their only reason

They’re from all parts of the parish

From very young to “getting old”

They have so much fun together

As their lines they try to hold.

Remember they are amateurs

Some have never been on stage

So do not be too critical

If their words fall off the page.

And though there is sadness in the play

There is laughter too you’ll see

For the witty lines contained within

We sincerely thank the late John B.

So be sure to book your tickets

-To be got in Paddy’s store

You will definitely not regret it

And will be coming back for more.

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