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Congratulations to Eddie Barrett (son of Mary & Denis, Templeathea) & Mary Anne Leahy (Listowel) who got married recently in Killarney

Changing Times

by  Domhnall de Barra

Post Office

There was a public meeting in the hall last Thursday night in connection with the proposed closing of the Post Office in Athea. Helen Browne is retiring and An Post will not be offering a new contract to anyone else if the population of the village is less than 500 people. The figures from the CSO tell us that there are 369 living in Athea village at the last census so we fall well short of the required numbers to maintain the post office in its present form. These figures may not be exact because they do not include certain parts of the village that come under the townland names.  For example, all the houses on the other side of the bridge are in Templeathea and the houses from Dalton’s Terrace up the Abbeyfeale road are in Gortnagross so, if we take the village as being all the dwellings inside the speed limits, there are probably more than  the required number of 500. Even if we can prove this the question of business transactions comes into the reckoning. A postmaster/mistress is on contract to An Post and is paid on the number of transactions over the year. Business at the Post Office has been dwindling in recent years. Modern technology has practically done away with letter writing and the credit card has made getting the pension or other payments directly from ATMs or banks a simple task. Household bills that could be paid at the Post Office are easy to do on line without having to leave the comfort of one’s own home. That is fine for those who are computer literate but there are many people, elderly in particular, who are unable or unwilling to do things electronically and will be lost if the Post Office closes. There is also the question of the distance to the nearest Post Office if ours closes which will incapacitate many of our people who do not have their own transport . At the moment there are two business people in Athea who would be interested in applying for a contract from An Post but we must first of all make a good case for keeping the business in Athea. A sub-committee has been formed and has  held one meeting on Friday last. This group is not exclusive and anyone who is interested may come to the meetings. The next one is at the Library on Friday next, August 31st at 8pm.  We would like to hear from anyone who has any ideas as to how we should persuade An Post to reverse its decision. We have taken the Post Office for granted over the years but now we can see how much we actually need it. They say you never miss the water until the well runs dry.

Pope’s Visit

There was great coverage of the Pope’s visit to Ireland on all the networks over the weekend. I think the organisers did a fantastic job and gave a very good impression of Ireland to the millions of viewers throughout the world. The entertainment was first class and Pope Francis came across as a sincere, humble man who wants the Church to be more loving and inclusive. He seemed very much at ease among the poor and needy and had time for the ordinary people. He also made genuine apologies to all the victims of clerical abuse and those who had suffered  at the hands of religious institutions. Some people say he did not go far enough but I think it was a bit too much to  expect that he could have all the answers and a definite plan in place at this time. He has huge opposition within the Vatican itself to any changes that he might wish to make but I am sure he will eventually be in a position to ensure that no child will be in danger in future and that those who committed crimes in the past are brought to justice.  It is the only way forward  to heal the deep wounds that have been left by the most shameful episode in our history. I  wasn’t present at any of the ceremonies this year buy I did go to see the Pope in the old Limerick racecourse in 1979. Remembering that time brought into sharp focus how much our country has changed in the meantime.  In ‘79 there was only one type of family, gays could not openly admit to their sexual orientation, divorce could not be countenanced, the population was mainly Catholic and priests  were  in positions of great power in their parishes.  Two of the most prominent and well liked clergymen at that time were Eamon Casey and Michael Cleary. They were to the forefront during the papal visit. Little did we know then what was to unfold with both having affairs and fathering sons. It was a huge scandal at the time but, in the light of what has happened since their “crimes” could be reduced to misdemeanours!! Yes, times have certainly changed

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Kathleen’s Corner-29/08/2018

By Kathleen Mullane

Back to School

Well can you believe it – it’s that time of the year again – where have the summer holidays gone? But at least this year we definitely can’t complain, it really was a “Summer to Remember”. Now for the parents and students it’s back to ‘organisation’ – homework – school runs, early bedtimes, early risings and the biggest issue I’m sure of all, will be the regulating of mobile phones – Xboxes etc, which some households I know are going to make sure that all mobiles are left in a central place e.g. the kitchen each night. After all that – just to wish all the young children who are starting off a happy few years ahead in National School, and to secondary and college students, all the very best for the new school year

On Saturday evening, September 8th there will be a ‘special graduation ceremony’ for the altar servers – both girls and boys who are now moving on  to secondary school and being replaced by the next younger group of girls and boys. No doubt they are thanked for their input and help into our church and are wished well for the future.

A good crowd attended the meeting in the hall on Thursday night last with regard to the forthcoming proposal of the closure of our post office. Domhnall de Barra chaired the meeting which was attended by some of our local Councillors and T.Ds  – namely Francis Foley, John Sheahan, Niall Collins, Liam Galvin and Tom Neville all who spoke and gave their commitment to the retaining, hopefully, of our post office. Helen Browne, who is retiring, is wished all the best – however there are 2 suitable premises, it is hoped, that would be in a position to retain the P.O. A further meeting between an appointed committee was held on Friday night and no doubt they will bring the case to the appropriate people. So fingers crossed! The main thing that came out of the meeting was that we all should be using the post office a lot more than having it for social welfare and pension payments. For example by paying TV and dog licences, property tax, stamps (postage, TV and savings stamps) electricity bills and a lot more.

The post office was a meeting place for people who may not get into Athea that much and also with the closure of our P.O. It would have an awful effect on our little village – thankfully at least we have a shop – many villages can’t even give a gallon of milk or bread to their community – all their shops being closed down – We Live in Hope

The wedding took place recently of Eddie Barrett  (son of Mary and Denis, Templeathea) to Mary Anne Leahy of Listowel. The nuptial ceremony took place at ‘The Killarney Oaks Hotel’. Denis had his brother Raymond as best man and the junior groomsman was Daniel Barrett. The maid of honour, Siobhán Deady, was a long-time friend of the bride, the junior bridesmaid was Aimee Barrett, pageboy was Dean Barrett and the flower girls Chloe Barrett and Kayleigh Finucane. A great day was enjoyed by all.




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Knockdown News-29/08/2018

By Peg Prendeville

Pope Francis has come and gone but I, personally, am a little bit disappointed, that, although he asked forgiveness and apologised he did not announce any plan to be put in place to assure all those who have been hurt that it would not happen again. But, I will not give up. He seems to be a fair man and he may have a surprise in store for the world yet. If not I can see the whole structure of the Catholic Church crumbling like the Roman Empire. Maybe that is what is needed. We wait and see.

An eight week course on Meditation and Mindfulness by qualified Psychotherapist and Mindfulness Teacher, Ali Burnard, will begin in Cloverfield in Glin on Monday September 17th. Learn how to slow down and experience the peace of a relaxed mind in a small supportive group. Booking is essential as group size is limited. All welcome. Cost = €100. Beginner’s Class starts at 6.30 pm to 8 pm. Continuation Class for more experienced starts at 8.15 to 9.45pm. Another class takes place in NCW from Thursday 20th Sept from 7.30 to 9pm. Cost €115. Call Ali on 087 6452227 to book.

Pauline Sharp’s Art will be displayed in St John’s Theatre in Listowel for the first two weeks of September. Pauline Tee, who lives in Glenbawn, has called her exhibition “Essence of Equine – an exhibition of artworks in oils related to everything equine, including yardmates. Capturing horses of every description in all their beauty.” The exhibition opens on this Saturday September 1st at 8pm but continues for two weeks and I am sure Pauline will appreciate your support. Congratulations and the best of luck to Pauline.

Meanwhile there is local art on display in Glin library also. Feel free to call during opening hours.

Monday- Closed.  Tuesday- 10 – 1 & 2 – 5

Wednesday- 10 – 1 & 6 – 8        Thursday- 11 – 2

Friday- 10 – 1 & 2 – 5

Most schools are reopening this week; it is hard to believe that the summer holidays are over. At least we got a summer this year and hopefully will have a nice autumn also.

I came across this poem lately. As far as I know it was written by Paddy Faley but correct me if I’m wrong.

Dreams of  Knockdown

Last night in dreams I wandered back across the ocean blue

And saw again my mother dear as ever fond and true

I kissed her gentle loving cheeks as joy her heart did crown

And clenched my father’s welcome hand in that cottage in Knockdown.


I walked again the winding road beside the old lime kiln

And inhaled the fragrant breezes from the boglands of Spahill

I heard the starling twitter as without a care or frown

They came to sleep in Cummane’s grove near that

cottage in Knockdown.

With my comrades fond I strolled along that stream up by Glenbawn

With our bare feet the waters ‘neath we caught the small gissaun

And played along its greenclad banks and on its mountain brown

As twilight cast is sweetness oe’r the slopes of sweet Knockdown 

I stooped and drank from the crystal spring that bubbled from the ground

Where oft of yore I quenched my thirst as playmates

gathered round

As homewards we came bouncing from that schoolhouse in Bricktown

In dreams I lived those days again which I spent in sweet Knockdown.

Oh dear Knockdown I cant forget no matter where I be

No time or wealth can blot it out of my sweet memory

At night my spirit wanders back as I in sleep lie down

And return refreshed with Irish air from the hills of sweet Knockdown.

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