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News – 04/06/2020

by Domhnall de Barra

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This week we have articles from Jer Kennelly (Knockanure Notes), Peg Prendeville (Knockdown News), Marion Harnett (Abbeyfeale Notes), Tom Ahern (By Carrig Side) and Kathleen Mullane (Kathleen’s Corner).  There are also some classified ads.

Well known local photographer, Liz Murphy sent me the following piece about Connie O’Sullivan, Lower Road, one of the finest gentleman I have ever encountered. I am grateful to Liz for sharing this with us and wish Connie all the best in the future.

Connie O Sullivan, Peace Commissioner, Athea, Co. Limerick.

He has been a dairy farmer for 72 years since he was 18, and is turning 90 this year!
He loves making the hay, and has his own way of turning it that he has perfected over all these years.
He continues to love farming and driving his tractor and, surprisingly, he has never owned a car!
Despite the problems of this lock down year, he informed me it was one of the very best years ever for making the hay!



3rd Anniversary

In loving memory of a dear wife, mother and grandmother

Penny Woulfe

Late of Templeathea, Athea.

Who’s anniversary occurs on 4th of June

I don’t think most children know today what an apron is.

The principle use of Mom’s apron was to protect the dress underneath

because she only had a few.

   It was always because it was easier to wash the apron than dresses and aprons used less material.      But along with that it served as a potholder for removing hot pans from the oven.

It was wonderful for drying children’s tears, and on occasion was even used for cleaning out dirty ears. From the chicken coop the apron was used for carrying eggs and sometimes half hatched eggs to be finished in the warming oven.

Chips and kindling wood were brought into the kitchen in that apron. From the garden it carried all sorts of vegetables.

When unexpected company called it was surprising how much furniture that old apron could dust in a matter of seconds.

It will be a long time before someone invents something that will replace that old time apron that served so many purposes.

They would go crazy now trying to figure out how many germs were on that apron.

I don’t think we ever caught anything from that apron- but LOVE.

Too well loved to ever be forgotten by your loving husband Thady and family.


A poem in the Knockdown News, by Peg Prendeville, about the late Jack Higgins’ lorry, brought back memories to me. Just like Jack, my father had a lorry which was full of turf during the week but on Sundays became the “Mass Lorry”. People jumped on at every crossroad, and other places as well, to get a lift to the church. No talk of health and safety in those days but sure nobody ever fell off or got injured in any way. Our sympathy to the Higgins family on Jack’s passing. May he rest in peace.

I tuned in to the final Late Late Show on Friday night last and I’m glad I did. There was an interview with President Higgins who came across as a real statesman who understands the people of Ireland and wants the best for them. I had occasion to have dealings with him when I was President of Comhaltas Ceoltoirí Éireann and I was very taken with his sincerity, friendliness and command of language. He is one of the best speakers of the English language , which flows quite naturally to him. I thought, watching the TV, how lucky we were to have a leader of such stature in the Park. He follows two ladies who have also been exceptional in that role; Mary McAleese and Mary Robinson. As I watched him sitting there, I couldn’t help but make a comparison with the President across the Atlantic. One is very small in stature while the other is big but the small man cast’s a much bigger shadow. Donald Trump is a big glowering bully who has a minimal grasp of language and no diplomatic skills. He is an embarrassment to the American people every time he tweets or opens his mouth to speak. During the present protests throughout the states, he has threatened to send in the army. As he said “when the looting starts, the shooting starts”. The protests, in the main, have been peaceful but it is a fact of life that there are those, with no interest in the cause, who latch on to protest groups . They may be anarchists who want to cause political upheaval or those who have a grudge against the forces of law and order and grasp the opportunity to mount an attack on them. Then there are the looters who see a chance to steal goods from local businesses in the middle of the mayhem. They may be a small minority but they give the wrong publicity to what is a noble cause. Of course they should be dealt with as all criminals are; arrest and charge. Since when was looting a crime punished by summary execution? Never, but that is what President Trump wants the military to do; shoot them down. God help us all. Perhaps the voters will have their say and turf him out in November. He won’t be out of a job for long – circuses are always looking for clowns!

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Classified – 04/06/2020

For Sale:    Quality baled hay .  Call: 087 2077043


C.D. Printing    

Ph:     087-6758762       Email: [email protected]m

‘For all your Printing Needs’

*In Memoriam and Acknowledgement  Cards to personal specification*

 Photos for Driving Licence, ID cards and Passports in 15 minutes

COLOUR photocopying service up to A3 size

Photos copied and enlarged


Athea Community  First  Responders

 Emergency out-of-hours number    087-2737077



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Kathleens Corner – 04/06/2020

by Kathleen Mullane

Well it’s once again a beautiful sunny evening as I e-mail my few lines to the newsletter and what another glorious week  it has been with temperatures  as high as Spain and other hotspots.  Everyone  is going around with such healthy  colours no, need for fake  tan these days.!!!!!

I’ve just watched a lovely Mass from St John’s Cathedral in Limerick with Bishop Brendan Leahy, Fr Chris O’Donnell,  who dressed up as a teacher and who I’m sure everyone  knows  especially  our youth who travel to Lourdes,  Aoife Walsh (youth ministry ) and Chris Culhane who is the leader of the Brancardier in Lourdes.It was a special  Mass for the Leaving Cert students who should have been  starting their  exams today and have gone through  so much in recent weeks, so we remember  all of them and wish  them  the  best for  the  future.
Best wishes  are extended to Bridie Ahern of Templeathea  who celebrated a very special birthday last weekend.  Hope you had a lovely day Bridie and many more to come.
Congrats to Lorraine and Gary O’Connor Templeathea on the birth of their new baby, a little boy they are calling Jack, a little  brother  for Emily.  We also congratulate the proud grandparents  Mary and Jim Herbert  of Coole West and Timmy  and Marie O’Connor in Brosna. Best wishes all around .
Stay safe and here’s  to phase 2 next week.
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