By Peg Prendeville

Halloween is coming up. It has become a major celebration in many houses now with decorations for two weeks beforehand just like Christmas. Children are getting more ambitious every year with the costumes for the last day at school before the mid term break. My grandchildren love showing me their “bloody” rigouts. It is very different to our time when we only had snap apple!


The veil is thin at this time of year

And our dead are hovering near

The quiet and stillness suits the mood

And calms the simmering fear.

But children have the happy knack

Of making it seem like fun

When they don masks and ghostly dress

And all their fears they shun.

“Trick or treat”, they sing their song

As they visit all the neighbours

Gathering sweets and apples

As a reward for all their labours.

At home they play snap apple

Or dive for coins in water

They carve faces out of pumpkins

And double up in laughter. 

While adults think of loved ones

On the far side of the veil

Whom they hope to meet again some today

And exchange some merry tales.

I love the autumn but at this time of the year the falling leaves can be a nuisance when they are too near the house and lawn. It is impossible to keep them gathered up.  As well as being unsightly they can be dangerous when it rains and they get slippery. So I’m out again to gather up some more.