By Peg Prendeville

I know I’m not a political animal but, I think, many people will breathe more easily now that there is a change of presidency in the USA. I’m sure Donald is not all bad – he is a human being like all of us – but he needs a bit of counselling to deal with certain situations, I think. He is like a little boy having a tantrum just because he did not get his own way. Time will tell how it will play out. But it is refreshing to see Joe Biden’s smile and for the moment that is enough. We wish him well in his task ahead.

What would we do in this pandemic if we had no smart phones? I think they are a lifesaver. We can waste our time on phones or we can use them to keep in touch with the world and our relations around the world. No more waiting for weeks for a reply to a letter sent to the USA; now we have a reply in minutes through whattsapp or messenger or email. We need not be worrying if our family members are safe and well, as we can send a quick message and be comforted by the prompt reply. So, in spite of all the negatives in the world, there are a lot of positive things too.

A lot of hedges are being cut in the Knockdown area these times making the place nice and tidy but also exposing hidden rubbish. Due to the fact that there was no major cleanup last Spring it seems that there is more than ever in the ditches.

Construction continues at the back of Glin Library where the Interpretative Centre is taking shape. This will be separate to the library. A pergola was being erected at the weekend. I understand that it is hoped to have an opening in the spring. But of course that will depend on COVID.

Mass continues to be streamed online from Glin Church every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 10am as well as every weekend. Many people appreciate this service.