By Peg Prendeville

Congratulations to Evan O’Shaughnessy, Mikayla O’Connell, Lauren Campbell and Timmy Cussen all of whom received their First Holy Communion in the parish recently. Thanks too to the teachers and
parents who helped them prepare for this special day.
Congratulations and best wishes for the future to Julia O’Rourke, daughter of Paddy and Jean in the shop in Ballyhahill, who got married to Blake Finnegan from San Luis Obispo, California recently. The wedding took place in Dawros Church, Kenmare.
A presentation on the Sacredness of Human Life will be shown in the Parish Hall in Ballyhahill on this Wednesday night May 16th at 8pm. All welcome.
The play “Sive” has been finally cast in Ballyhahill. Such was the interest that Eleanor, who is directing, has cast two Nanas, two Menas and two Sives to be played on alternate nights. Isn’t it great to see the interest in drama continuing? I am one of the Menas which means an awful lot of learning of lines during the summer. It will definitely challenge my aging brain but we will give it a go. The plan is to stage this in November.
The improving weather is bringing out the best in everyone; the birds, including the cuckoo, are singing, trees are greening, grass is growing and people are in a more hopeful mood. I am putting my trust
in the Donegal postman who promised good weather from mid May. I hope he is right, we all need it by now.