By Kathleen Mullane

‘Best Wishes’

The very best of luck this week to all those, firstly who are starting national school for the first time, also to all those graduating to secondary school, and last but by no means least – to all those “that are flying the nest” and heading off to the various colleges, leaving worried and anxious parents – they’ll be grand!

Congrats and good wishes are extended to Mary Ita and Ger Collins of Knocknagorna on the birth, last week, of their new baby boy they are naming Bill, a little brother for Grace. Congrats also to the very proud grandparents Kathleen  & Paddy Collins of Knocknagorna and Peggy & Bill Casey of Colbert Street, Bill being really proud that his name is being carried on !

Well we were blessed with the weather for the graveyard masses at Holy Cross and Templeathea last week, with big crowds attending on both occasions. Fr. Duggan praised all for their help in organizing these “very special masses”.

Sympathy is extended to Mary Ellen Collins of Templeathea and her family on the death of John Joe Meade (N.T) recently who was married to her sister Nora Mai. May he rest in peace.

What awful devastation that mudslide caused in Donegal during the week with families bereft of their homes and lifelong possessions – hopefully they will get all the help that they so deserve to try and get their homes together again.

Then ‘Hurricane Harvey’ hit Texas at the weekend killing 2 people, knocking housed to the ground, power lines on fire – just complete and utter carnage. One wonders is Global warming coming too fast or what’s gone wrong?

The ‘Mayo’ flags have still to be kept flying in the parish until they meet Dublin in the next few weeks – that’s if the Athea/Mayo supporter’s hearts hold out.

Well the Listowel Races are much earlier, I think, than usual this year, starting on September 10th. They will only barely be gone back to school when they will be looking forward to time off for the races, not to mention the Friday which is Ladies Day, which means a “dressing up” day for the young people.

Thought for the week:- “No one thinks of Winter – when the grass is green”