By Peg Prendeville

During the two days of last Thursday and Friday 61mm of rain fell. This is equivalent to half of what fell in the full month of July 2016. Thankfully the weekend was lovely and we all enjoyed the sun once more.

Well done to the Athea Development for the lovely job that has been done in what was once the library. I was passing the other day when it was open so I called in to see it. It will be a lovely cosy meeting room for whoever wishes to use it.

I am following with interest the Jason Corbett Murder trial in the USA at the moment. It took one week to pick 12 jurors so God only knows how long it will take for the trial. The story is sad no matter what side you look at it from. Jason Corbett was from Limerick and was murdered in the USA in August 2015 leaving two young children orphaned. Incidentally I am after watching the programme about Diana which was done to commemorate her 20th anniversary. It was touching to hear her two sons talk so fondly of her and tell how much they miss her each day – naturally.

I am in awe of my neighbour, Jack, who though ninety three years of age was out with a scythe the other day tidying up his meadow. Next day he was raking it up with a pike. Isn’t it great health? But his family, rightly, has warned him not to be too brave and to take it easy. “Ah, I’ll rest for a day or two now” he replies. 

Sadly George Langan did not win the Munster Fleadh Ceoil last weekend with his song but well done to him for getting to the final. He wishes the best to Con Warren who beat him to it with his song Lovely Gougane Barra.

The Shanahan Boys from Glenbawn. Left to right: youngest to oldest: Thomas, Patrick, Tim, James, Michael and John.

Sincere apologies to Peg for putting the wrong caption on this photograph (below) last week and to James Shanahan for mistaking him for the groom at his brother Patrick’s wedding!



James Shanahan’s selfie with some of the Clounleharde neighbours