By Peg Prendeville

There is a Table Quiz in the Knockdown Arms this Friday night in aid of the Athea Vixens. It is promised to be another fun night and all support will be appreciated.

Fr Austin wishes to thank all who gave generously to the Lenten Stations last week.

Towards Healing is an organisation which provides telephone counselling and a counselling and psychotherapy referral service for people who have suffered physical, emotional or sexual abuse when they were children, by persons working for the Catholic Church in Ireland. The Limerick Diocese supports the work of the Towards Healing service. The HELPLINE can be contacted by calling: freephone 1800 – 303416 from anywhere in Ireland or visit their website

The World Meeting of Families will take place in Ireland in 2018. To cover expenses for this important event the 2nd National Church collection will take place on the weekend of April 1st and 2nd.

Glin Library will be closed at 1 pm on this Friday.

Happy Mother’s Day to all women who have been blessed with the caring for a child, whether they be the biological mother or not. Many aunts and siblings have given up a lot of their lives helping to rear children who were not their own but whom they cared for deeply. I wrote this when my own children were young. It is my pleasure now to watch those same children rear my grandchildren. I was glad to be a Mum but am even more glad to be a grandmother. All the fun without the responsibility!

Who wants to be a Mum? 

I iron the clothes, I wash the floors

I shine the windows, I polish the doors,

I bake the bread, I make the tea

I stick a plaster on a grazed knee

 Am I mad to be a Mum?

If needed, I’ll help to milk the cows

I hug a child and settle the rows

I weed the garden and mow the lawn

I haven’t even time to yawn

I must be mad to be a Mum!

I mend the clothes, I sew in patches

I feed the baby, I kiss the scratches

I darn the socks, I get the dinner

Is it any wonder that I’m getting thinner?

Oh, who would be a Mum?

Oh, but I also have to say

When I get a hug it makes my day

And I thank my God that I’ve been born

When I see a smiling face each morn.

Is it so bad being a Mum?

I’m the first to get told the news

“I love you, Mammy” will clear the blues

And before they hurry out to school

I get that last kiss as a rule.

Isn’t it lovely being a Mum?

Oh, yes it’s bliss when I can see

Those happy eyes look up at me

And everything seems worth the while

When I look down on that special smile

Yes, I’m glad that I’m a Mum!