By Kathleen Mullane

‘Out & About’ 

Well it’s now going on to 11 o’clock his Monday night as I start my few lines. I got engrossed in the new programme at 9.30pm called “Recruits” on R.T.E. 1 which is on again tomorrow (Tuesday) night but if you haven’t seen it you can get it on RTE player. It’s unbelievable the young  men and 2 women on this occasion who were new army recruits. The training they have to go through at the Curragh training camp is unbelievable, from polishing their boots, making sure their uniforms are spotless, to running miles with heavy loads on their backs, through mud and water. Learning to shoot, having their phones for a very limited time & doing 100’s of press ups. The worst part in my mind was trying their best to do every trial, and have everything in order in their rooms and lockers, their sergeants and overseers would try and break them down, shouting and cursing at them, telling them how useless they were and not fit to be in the army, to throwing their uniforms all over the floor telling them they weren’t hung up properly or had their buttons not closed!

I was just thinking wouldn’t it be great training for our young boys or girls even if they had to do it for a few weeks – it would make our young people grateful for their “home comforts”, and instill manners, thankfulness and much more into them. (not saying they all need to join the army) it’s very difficult training but very beneficial, although after seeing the programme I’m sure many would be put off.

Well best wishes to all who are returning and indeed starting off school this week. There will be the usual mass for the schoolchildren in Athea, probably on September 8th, to which everyone is welcome. And of course the Junior Cert results will be out in the next few weeks and we wish all well for these also.

I don’t believe it but I did read it last week – Brown Thomas have their “Christmas Shop” up and running already, their reasoning being to attract the visitors and holiday makers into purchasing – ‘wonders never cease’.

And of course the Listowel Races are on earlier this year, a great get together in past years for the farming community who, after a busy harvest, looked forward to the break. Now its the ladies who are busy for days in advance preparing for the ‘Ladies Day’ – “hats”, “heels”, “fake tan” and all.