Congratulations to Georgie Langan on his new song which is a tribute to Margo who celebrates 50 years in Country Music business this year. George has been a fan all the years, even though he was only a young gorsoon when she started.

Sympathy is extended to Jimmie Morgan and family, Glenagragra, on the sudden death of his brother John Morgan in Ballybunion last week. A huge crowd attended the funeral last Saturday in Ballydonoghue.

Eucharist Adoration will take place in both Loughill and Ballyhahill Churches during the season of Lent, beginning next Tuesday the 11th of March.  It will be in Ballyhahill on Thursdays from 9 to 2 pm and in Loughill on Tuesdays from 2 to 7 pm.

I’ve been talking about all the water in the country so I checked the official rainfall figures for Glenbawn. Jim has been keeping these since 2001 and sends them off to the Met office at the end of each month. 297.1 mm of rain fell this February – the wettest so far – in comparison to 146 last year. The driest February was in 2004 when 48.7 fell. The wettest year to date was 2008. On that year only 92.7 fell in February while July and August were the wettest months. Let us hope that all the rain will be gone by this summer and we might have a dry one to soak up the moisture. We live in hope!

The following lines came to me after seeing the devastation the February storm did to a lot of trees in Muckross, Killarney.

Muckross, Killarney after the  storm


Nature threw a tantrum

And said “Listen here to me!

If you don’t mind the planet

You’ll be left without a tree!”

 The wind it howled with temper

Ran across the land in rage

Destroying all before it.

Its strength was hard to gauge.

 Til at last it was exhausted

And laid down with a sigh.

Now we survey the damage

Most unpleasing to the eye.