by Pat Brosnan

As Pat is still taking a well earned rest we include in his column the results of the Community Games. Pat was for years an active member of the organising committee and I’m sure had he been writing today he would have included the article.


Athea Community Games


The Annual Athea Community games were held at Páirc na nGael on Sunday evening last and despite it being a cold evening the children along with their parents turned out for the event. The committee incidentally thank all the volunteers who helped out on the day, those who stood at the finishing line, those who organised the races and those who gave out the medals. Well done to everyone.



U/5s 60m: 1st Tony Ahern  2nd Molly Hunt  3rd Dylan Finucane

U/7s 60m Boys: Joint 1st place Jamie Collins & Jim Ahern

U/7s 60m Girls:1st Ella Ahern

2nd Amy Steward

U/8s 60m Girls: 1st Chloe Kenrick

2nd Leigh Ann Mulvihill, Joint 3rd- Niamh Ambrose & Brid Hunt

U/8s 60m Boys: 1st James Broderick  2nd James Hunt  3rd Ciarán Hunt

U/8s 80m Girls: 1st Aoife Sheahan

2nd Aisling Donovan  3rd Katie Byrne

U/8s 80m Boys: 1st Callum Buckley 2nd Evan Curry   3rd Tomás Ahern

U/10s 100m Girls: 1st Denise Carmody 2nd Shonagh O’ Mahony

U/10s 100m Boys:1st Daire O’ Shea 2nd Dermot Pierse  3rd Fergal Pierse

U/12s 100m Girls: 1st Aibhilín Murphy 2nd Maura Broderick 

3rd Claire Carmody

U/12s 100m Boys: 1st Eoin O’ Shea 2nd Eoin Sheahan   3rd Luke Gleeson

U/14s 100m Girls: 1st Sinead Hunt

2nd Ciana Murphy   3rd Grace Ryan

U/14s 100m Boys: 1st Seamus Leahy 2nd Micheál Dalton  3rd Andy Ahern

U/10s 200m Boys: 1st T.J Hunt

2nd Dylan Steward   3rd Adam Byrne

U/14s 200m Boys: 1st John Sexton

2nd Joseph Dalton   3rd Jason Dillon


Extra Races:

U/12 200m Girls: 1st Laura Dalton 2nd Meadhbh Donovan 3rd Amy Ryan

U/12 200m Boys: 1st Paraic Enright 2nd Andrew O’ Riordan 3rd Jack O’ Connor

Long Puck: 1st Gavin Ambrose

2nd T.J Hunt   3rd Joint – Jack O’ Connor & Luke Gleeson

Long Jump Boys: 1st Micheál Dalton 2nd Eoin O’ Shea

3rd Brandon Finucane

Long Jump Girls: 1st Sinead Hunt

2nd Aibhilín Murphy 3rd Ciana Murphy


Novelty Races:


Piggy Back:



1st  Aibhilín Murphy & Tony Ahern

2nd Molly Ahern & Amy Steward

3rd Denise Carmody & Ella Ahern


Group 2:

1st  Sinead Hunt & Chloe Kenrick

2nd Ciana Murphy & Tomás Ahern

3rd Rachel Greaney & Brid Hunt


Group 3

1st   Jack Hunt & Ciarán Hunt

2nd Brandon Finucane & Dylan Finucane

3rd  Andy Ahern & Daire O’ Shea


Wheel Barrow Race:


Group 1:

1st Sarah O’ Connor & Laura Dalton

2nd Sinead Hunt & Catherine Lee

3rd Rachel Greaney & Ciana Murphy


Group 2:

1st  Aidan Curry & Luke Gleeson

2nd John Sexton & Andy Ahern

3rd Eoin O’ Shea & Eoin Sheahan


Sack Races:


Group 1:

1st   Danny Brady

2nd  David O’ Connor

3rd Joint- Lydia Murphy & Evan Wallace


Group 2:

1st   Katie Byrne

2nd  James Hunt

3rd  Niamh Ambrose


Group 3:

1st   Fergal Pierse

2nd  Evan Curry

3rd  Chloe Kenrick


Group 4:

1st  Eoin O’ Shea

2nd Danny Brady

3rd Denise Carmody


Group 5:

1st  Ciana Murphy

2nd Grace Ryan

3rd  Sinead Hunt


Three Legged Race:


Group 1:

1st   Niamh Ambrose & Molly Hunt

2nd  Daire O’ Shea & James Hunt

3rd  Katie Byrne & Brid Hunt


Group 2:

1st  Aoife Sheahan & Aisling Donovan

2nd Aidan Curry & Evan Curry


Group 3:

1st Andrew O’ Riordan & Paraic Enright

2nd David O’ Connor & Adam Byrne

3rd Shonagh O’ Mahony & Denise Carmody


Group 4:

Joint 1st –Grace Ryan & Ciana Murphy, 1st     David O’ Connor & Adam Byrne

2nd    Maura Broderick & Aibhilín Murphy

3rd John Sexton & Joseph Dalton.