Tribute To Paddy Faley


By George Langan


My heart it did break when the sad news it leaked

That the ‘Great Bard,’ he had just fallen

His loss I deplore, for I’ll never see more

My guide, my true inspiration.

He was that tall mast, a link with the past

His works, they were so much sought after

Now on history’s page, they will sing the high praise

Of this genius, the poetic master.


Equally strong, be it prose, verse or song

With a brain that was ever so fruitful

And his poems and his rhymes, were ever sublime

And for that, I will always be grateful.

Incessantly there, always eager to share

The ways, of our loving ancestors

And each story he told, I’ve indexed in bold

For to help out, and aid the researcher.


On the bare mountainside, he grew up with pride

With his kin, that he loved oh! so dearly

I’ll name them at will; there was Mick, Dan and Bill,

Young Joe, and their sister Mary.

Soon a family man, with a young wife and clan,

Glenbawn to the east came a callin’,

Moved there to reside, reared their daughters, all five,

When the good Lord took Mum, away from them.


So sleep long and hard, dear friend, ‘Greatest Bard’

Beside those, who have long since departed

And ‘though your pathway of life, brought you much pain and strife

For that, you’ll be richly rewarded.

If it’s a prayer that you need, then I’ll do that deed

I’ll go on my knees, twice daily

For it gave me such pride, just to stand by the side

Of the poet, the great Paddy Faley.