by Peg Prendeville

I was watching Nationwide on Monday night which did a whole programme on Foynes and  the Museum and the Port. It got great coverage. It’s been a long time since I toured the Museum but must get a chance to revisit. I admire people like Margaret O’Shaughnessy who had the foresight and the energy to bring the Museum to the modern facility it is now. I wasn’t born with adventurous genes and can only stand in awe of the people in Foynes who have drawn up a 30 year plan for the port and the town and who are so confident of how successful this area can be in the years to come. I hope to live to see it come to fruition.

It was nice to see in the papers recently that planning permission is being sought to rebuild the shop in Knockdown. Well done to Ta who does not remain idle and is another man with great vision and  courage. We, in Knockdown and beyond, eagerly await the return of the shop.

Mass in Loughill last weekend was offered for the 1st anniversary of Liam Enright, Clounleharde and also for Mary Guiry Finnoe.

Glin Library has a new librarian. Deirdre Kelly of Shanagolden has replaced Maedhbh who had got promotion in the city. We welcome Deirdre who, like Maedhbh,  has brought great creativity and colour to the building.

If anybody is going to the Ploughing Championships next week in Ratheniska you might check out Block no 2, Row no 20, Stand no 328 where Lisa Daly of Dromaggarraun will be displaying her products from her company “THISISYOU”. These include Memory Journals, Family Travel Wallets, Wedding Guest books and more. As her mother I naturally wish her success. As well as looking after her five children she puts in a lot of hard work to keep her business going.