By Peg Prendeville

I had a lovely visit on Sunday from former neighbour, James Shanahan, who is due to be married in August to the lovely Erica from Miami where they live. They are coming to Ireland and Co. Kerry for the wedding. James’s mother died at a very young age in 1972 leaving 6 young boys. My mother had died ten years earlier in 1962 leaving 5 young girls. We lived right next to each other so both families had much in common. Thankfully we all survived thanks to good fathers, relations, friends and neighbours.

Fr. Austin McNamara had a lovely ceremony on Saturday last for the three 1st Communicants in Ballyhahill which was followed by a beautiful sunny day. Thanks to Fr. Austin and the teachers Mrs Horgan and Ms Dunworth  for the work they put into preparing the children.

This fine weather is a boon to the hay and silage people who are busy getting in the harvest. Perfect weather for the bogs too, and, needless to say, all the holiday makers.

Sounds of Summer

Rocking in my garden seat,

Creaking gently to and fro

Watching life continuing on,

Like a stream in constant flow.

Listening to the chirping birds

Busy at their daily tasks

The leaves are whispering in the breeze

A honey bee goes buzzing past.

A tractor drones in a neighbour’s field

Boasting of a busy day

Taking advantage of the sun

Cutting silage, turning hay.

A cow concerned for her calf

Calls him back with a gentle moo

The clothes are flapping on the line

Peaceful times like this are few.

Children play out on the lawn

Sending out their squeals of joy

Laughing, singing, cheering on

Their playmates in a rugby try.

I close my eyes to appreciate

The restful sounds that I can hear

It’s easy to believe in God

When His presence is so near!