By Kathleen Mullane


Well there are 2 very Big Days happening this week. Firstly this Friday we have St. Patrick’s Day, it’s a Day when no matter what part of the world you are in you are proud to be Irish. And most people claim to have some drop of Irish Blood in their Veins on the day. In days gone by one would be saving every penny they had to be able to buy a St. Patrick’s Day Badge which they would proudly wear on the day. The girls would have their hair all tied up with Green Ribbons and the parents would have bunches of Shamrock on their Jacket Lapels. And of course every Man, Woman and child would be dressed in Green from top to toe. Nowadays Parades are the order of the day, and they will be taking place all over the country with big crowds attending no doubt, especially if the weather is good. The nearest parades to us this year are Abbeyfeale, Castlemahon and Listowel with Rathkeale I’m sure  as always being a Huge Attraction. Newcastlewest doesn’t have a parade this year, hence Castlemahon are hosting one. Of course you can also watch the Huge Parade  from Dublin which as always is televised and brings visitors from many countries, however Hotel Prices in the Capital this year are astronomical. Wherever you celebrate this great day enjoy it no end.

The second celebratory day this weekend is this Sunday which is – MOTHER’S DAY. I’m sure we all are so grateful for our Mothers some who have gone to their Eternal Reward. A Mother is someone who gives and cares, dreams and plans and makes the impossible happen.

A Mother is someone who keeps going and giving, caring and helping. She’s too often the last to be thanked but she’s always first in OUR HEARTS. Mothers give so much advice and wisdom and I’m sure they will be given THE ROYAL TREATMENT ON SUNDAY.

Thought for the week – : If you have not felt the joy of doing a kind act, you have neglected much and most of all YOURSELF.