By Kathleen Mullane


Well what a lovely sunny day it has been today, Monday, quite a difference from the cold and snow and very icy roads that we experienced last week. Now we may not be over our Winter Weather just yet seeing as we are still in January, but February is just around the corner. And isn’t it wonderful to see the daffodils peeping their heads up already. Many, myself included I may add, are glad that the time changes again in the not too distant future back to Summer Time. I think and some may disagree with me that its so lovely to have something to look forward to when the time changes, giving us brighter longer evenings. Whereas if we stayed with Summer time all year around we wouldn’t have anything to look forward to. And it’s such a short time with darkness and Christmas in between it flies. I know maybe the elderly and those living alone aren’t too happy with it  but its near at hand now.

At the recent Hall Meeting last week, Trish Phillips Ahern was welcomed as the new Chairman for the Hall and Tina Byrne as the Secretary, new members are always welcome to join and lend a helping hand if needed. John Scanlon was also thanked for his great work over the years also Helen Twomey and John Redmond. Damien Ahern  and Helen O’Connor are always there to help with everything along with Sharon who keeps things running smoothly always. And of course we can’t forget Agatha Barrett, Paudie Reidy and Paddy Michael Griffin along with Helen O’Connor who, over the years, have kept the Bingo Going. Well done to them all. It’s great to have the hall at the disposal of all the organisations and we are glad of all support as running costs can be high. Young parents are welcome to join always.

Congrats and good wishes are sent to Paddy Dalton of Dirreen who celebrated his 80th birthday recently along with his family at The Longcourt Hotel. Happy Days Paddy.

Our young people have different meanings of words these days on their phones and texts etc. We Old Ones know IRL as IRELAND, our younger generation know IRL  as – LIVING IN THE REAL WORLD.

You learn something new every day.

Dont forget everyone is welcome to the GAA track on Tuesday nights for Healthy Athea and Thursday nights for Operation Transformation at 7.30 both nights.

Thought for the week:-

A pretty face gets Old, A nice body will change but a Good Woman or Man will always be a good person.