By Peg Prendeville

A huge crowd attended the Rambling House in Ballyhahill last Wednesday night. There was lots of talent as usual and about €2,000 was raised for Palliative Care in St. Ita’s Hospital.

It is nice to see Sunday morning Mass back in Ballyhahill at 9.30 every week. Mass is also celebrated on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 9am and on Friday night at 7.30 pm. Mass in Loughill at 7.30pm on Thursdays. There will be a special Remembrance Mass, for all those who died during the year, in Ballyhahill on Friday, November 11 at 7.30 pm.

We are coming up to Hallowe’en weekend and the young children are getting excited at the thought of school discos and Trick or Treat. It has become fashionable to decorate the houses for this time of year but I’m afraid I find it tough enough to decorate for Christmas so I will willingly skip Halloween.


The veil is thin at this time of year

And our dead are hovering near

The quiet and stillness suits the mood

And calms the simmering fear.

But children have the happy knack

Of making it seem like fun

When they don masks and ghostly dress

And all their fears they shun.

“Trick or treat”, they sing their song

As they visit all the neighbours

Gathering sweets and apples

As a reward for all their labours.

At home they play snap apple

Or dive for coins in water

They carve faces out of pumpkins

And double up in laughter. 

While adults think of loved ones

On the far side of the veil

Whom they hope to meet again some today

And exchange some merry tales.