By Peg Prendeville

What a lovely end to the month with a beautiful sun each morning and warm days for the children to enjoy before they go back to the classroom. There are changes in Ballyhahill school with the appointment of Miss Dunworth who will be teaching the senior classes. Principal, Mrs, Horgan will be teaching Infants, first and second when she returns from maternity leave. In the meantime Miss Carmody is looking after those classes. The preschool is opening on Thursday for the little ones. They are so young when they start preschool. I am glad I had my children when I had as I loved to have them at home with me ‘til they were almost five. Now they are off at three but they all seem happy to go so that is fair enough.

Saturday saw a huge crowd attend the official opening of the Glin Knights Experience. Madame Olda cut the ribbon. The weather made the day as people gathered around the square listening to the speeches over a megaphone. After the speeches everybody was invited to go into the new centre and exit through the library where food and drinks were offered. It was all very well organised. Well done to the Development committee. There was a great carnival atmosphere due to both the exhibition and the Book and Art Fair which was held in various venues around the town, which was organised by Ann Fennell. I enjoyed meeting the many people whom I got to know while working in Glin. A short but pleasant poetry reading took place at the back of O’Shaughnessy’s pub with Micheál MacDomhnaill and Jim McNamara and myself doing some readings. Norma Prendiville was the MC.

Athea had their own celebrations on Sunday to thank Dr. Murphy for his 37 years in Athea. I look forward to hearing all about it. Dr Murphy was very good to my father for many years and was always a pleasure to meet so I wish him many happy years of retirement.