By Peg Prendeville

The Knight of Glin Interpretative Centre is being officially opened this coming Saturday. Credit must go to the committee who have put together a very professional exhibition on the history of the Knights.  There are lots of activities planned around the town on the day including an Art and Craft and Book fair. I am looking forward to attending.

Catherine FitzGerald and her husband, actor Dominic West, welcomed close to 1,000 people to their Glin Castle and gardens last Sunday from noon to 6 pm. I’m sure it must have looked beautiful on such a lovely sunny day.

Isn’t it hard to believe it is back to school time again. Most are starting back on Monday I presume.

Our daughter Sarah and her boyfriend, Gerard Nash, who have been home since July, have returned to Dubai for another year. They got through airports without any hassle or drama, thankfully. They are both teaching in an International School. It is 40 degrees out there she tells me. The young generation have had great experiences of travelling and working in various parts of the world. They will find life very boring if they ever settle down!

We are living in times of great change. Our weekly church attendances have dwindled to almost nothing since Covid when the churches were closed.  I feel sorry for the priests who, instead of planning a quiet retirement, find themselves going from parish to parish each weekend celebrating Mass to small numbers in each church. It may all be for the best – I don’t know – I am only remarking on the huge difference to when I and my generation were young and churches were full. But I do know that just because people do not go to Mass doesn’t mean they don’t believe in some higher power. Time will tell who had the better approach to celebrating liturgy. I’m sure the Holy Spirit is working away quietly in the background.