By Peg Prendeville

We have to be grateful for these sunny warm days although West Limerick is not getting the best of it. We were in Killarney for the weekend and only saw blue sky all the time. It was beautiful. There was a great atmosphere about the place. I know that most of Kerry were probably in Dublin but there were still plenty more people taking in the beauty of Killarney. We planned this visit a while ago not realising we would be blessed with such wonderful weather.

Well done to the Kerry team who got into the final by the skin of their teeth on Sunday. Now we look forward to another nail-biting day on Sunday with Limerick and Kilkenny battling it out.

Congratulations to the Barnagh Greenway Hub who celebrated their first birthday on Sunday last with lots of people enjoying the sun and lots of activities including face painting etc.  The place is proving to be a real delight for locals and tourists alike.

I know I am gone from working in a library but I still like to visit all the local libraries when I can so I was delighted to drop into Newcastle West branch recently and discover it is being revamped and modernised to include new toilets including one for the disabled. I welcome this. I look forward to the “new” library at the end of the year.