By Peg Prendeville

Don’t forget the fundraising night for the Abha Bhán Players being held in Barr na Sráide, Ballyhahill, on this Saturday night June 25th. Though we have not yet staged our play – The Buds of Ballybunion – we have to pay insurance and meet other various expenses so all support would be appreciated, please. Donie Nolan will be providing the music and there will surely be a sing-song also. All welcome. There will be a raffle on the night. Meanwhile we continue rehearsing when we can. Covid and holidays interrupt the routine now and then.

Some family members have gone on overseas holidays recently and have described chaotic airport adventures such as cancelled flights, delayed flights and missing bags. I wonder to myself if holidays are worth the hassle but I’m sure they are once one arrives at the destination safely.

Meanwhile COVID is still prowling around so we must be on guard.

I wrote a poem for Jim on Father’s Day. Those who have seen it seem to like it so I include it here.

A Different Love

It was easy to love each other when we were young and free

We reared our lovely children and enjoyed being family

We worked hard and kept busy while also having fun

We relaxed at night together when our working day was done.

The years passed quickly by and our children are now grown

Work and hobbies kept us busy – oh, how the years have flown

At last retirement was in view and we had many plans

We’d be busy in the garden and would visit many lands.

But, alas, that’s not what happened and our future was to change

We were given a bigger challenge, our life was re-arranged

We would show our love another way, we would not fail this test

Though you lost your independence we still try to do our best.

Now we show our love in a different way as we remind each other

How lucky we are in our own house and what we’ve

 endured together

So we spend our days in silence; we feed and listen to the birds

But our eyes can speak, our hearts still beat, there is no need for words.