By Peg Prendeville

It was a lovely sunny weekend. Perfect weather for bbq and outdoor activities. Our family was celebrating birthdays and anniversaries and it was lovely to sit outdoors and watch the grandchildren having fun with water fights and water slides. It looks like we are in for more fine days this week which is great. I have neighbours who take holidays in Ireland at this time of year and they are lucky to always get fine weather. So this year is the same. It’s a good week to plan holidays in Ireland! But I certainly would not like to have been in Dublin airport on last Sunday. I can only imagine the distress of people who thought they were getting on a plane to some sunny destination and to find out that the flight had taken off without them. Awful situation.

The last Saturday night Mass was celebrated in Ballyhahill last Saturday night. Eighteen people attended. Now, I agree,  many were at the match in Killarney but I can see why the number of Masses are reduced with such tiny numbers attending.

The little slip road from the Kerryline to the Newcastlewest road was tarred during the week. This was badly needed as there had been lots of potholes. I can remember the excitement of the council workers, years ago, when tarring. My father would be telling us how busy they had been all day. You could smell the burning tar off him when he came home. Now there is very little manual work with all sorts of lorries and equipment.