By Kathleen Mullane


Well as I start to do my few lines this Monday evening and look out my kitchen window, one wonders is it Autumn we are in , and not the month of JUNE. These past few days over the weekend have been so very blustery, showery and at times cold, with some households flicking on the heat for an hour. Now one could keep looking out and get down in themselves, and get themselves in bad form. On the other hand one could put on a jacket, head out with an umbrella get a bit wet maybe but on the return journey would be happy to have made the decision to get out and about, Hail , Rain or Snow. And remember Fresh -Air is the best Medicine for Mind and Body.

The death took place over the weekend of Kit O’Connor of Gortnagross, Athea. Kit had battled with her health for some time but always rallied around, with her family and grandchildren devoted to her care. Many came to pay their respects at the family home on Sunday evening last. Requiem Mass on Monday was celebrated by Canon Tony Mullins with burial afterwards in Holy Cross. Sincere sympathy is extended to her daughters, sons, grandchildren and a large circle of relatives and friends. May the light of heaven be hers.

The death has also occurred in Texas of John Hunt Junior, son of the late John Hunt snr, who both were ardent visitors to their ancestral homeland here in Athea over the years. John is survived by his wife Mary and 11 children. A daily mass-goer, who volunteered with the food-pantries and Catholic Pro-Life no doubt he will be sadly missed. He has been laid to rest in the U.S.A.

Hopefully this time next week we will be singing the praises of the Limerick Hurling Team as they play their much looked forward to game on Sunday next. And wasn’t that a thrilling game on Sunday last between Armagh and Galway. Pity about The Fracas at the end, but maybe its A Lesson Learned, that when tensions are at their Highest everyone should be on High ALERT.

If anyone needs a ticket for the forthcoming GAA draw which will take place in August with some great prizes, I have a few left. They are just 50 Euro, and will greatly help to do further work on the track and pitch.

It’s terrible for students who have just completed their Leaving Cert to be told now that their results won’t be out until the 1st week in September. This gives them no time at all to sort accommodation which already is at a crisis level, and if they were to go overseas say to Denmark to do their college courses the closing date for application is Sept 1st. The entire Leaving Cert needs to be overhauled and replaced by continued assessment, which would avoid a lot of stress and worry for both parents and students alike.


Accept the past for what it was.

Acknowledge the present for what it is..

Anticipate the future for what it can become.