St. Joseph’s

Barry family re-union at Fota Island.
Domhnall, Breda, Noel, Margaret and Bernie

Young Priests Society

 Athea Branch

Regretfully, after almost forty one years of service in our Parish, the Society now feels the time has come when it has to close.

It is important to note that all member’s donations down through the years have help

d many clerical students’ study for the Priesthood, both at home and abroad. We also wish to thank all those involved in making this possible, we are most grateful.

So, on behalf of our parish group, we thank you all.

Census 2022

Many thanks to everyone for their co-operation with completing Census 2022 in Athea Village. Thanks for all the countless offers of cups of tea and the warm welcome received at the doorsteps.

It was a pleasure meeting you all.

Míle Buíochas.  Damien Ahern

Comhaltas Session

The next session, to raise funds for the upcoming Fleadh Cheoil, will be held at The Captain’s, Glin, on Friday next, May 13th., starting at 9 p.m.  Musicians, singers and dancers most welcome to join us for what promises to be a fun evening. A notable feature of our sessions is the number of young musicians who take part. It is great to see them playing with the older musicians and, while they keep on improving, there is no fear for the future of Irish culture in West Limerick. Only a few weeks left to the Fleadh!!!


Mass Intentions next weekend- Sat May 14th 7.30pm

Margaret Cummins – 1st Anniversary and Mary Vaughan 26th Anniversary.

Mary O’Carroll Woods & the O’Carroll family.  Tim Tierney.

All mass services can be viewed online via the following link

Readers of the Word: Tom Denihan & Kathleen Mullane

Eucharistic Ministers: Mary Sheahan & Margaret Ahern

Weekday Mass Times: Tuesday evening at 7pm & Friday evening at 7.30pm – Months Mind mass for

Kathleen Woulfe. Eucharistic Adoration/Devine Mercy Chaplet after mass on Tuesday evening.

Bishop Brendan Leahy

will visit the parish this coming Saturday evening May 14th to celebrate the Vigil Mass with parishioners at 7.30pm.

All are welcome.

RIP We ask for your prayers this week for Denis Collins, Churchtown, Athea.

Parish Office Hours: Monday – Friday 11am-1pm

Contact Siobhán on 087-3331459. or email the parish office at [email protected]

if you wish to book an anniversary mass, make an enquiry about a christening or a wedding,

arrange a signed mass card and all other administration queries.

Thank You. Sincere thank you to all who continue to contribute to the Weekly Offertory Collection.

The Way I See It

By Domhnall de Barra

I’m  just back from a few days at Fota Island Resort where we had a re-union of the Barry family. It was great to meet the relations again and we had plenty of time  to catch up and reminisce on our days growing up in Cratloe many moons ago. It was also great to meet all the younger generations of the Barry clan who also have fond memories of their young days spent at my father and mother’s.  Of course their memories and mine are vastly different, such are the changes that occurred in Ireland after the second world war. Anyway, a good time was had by all and myself and Noel even managed to squeeze in a round of golf !  I couldn’t help noticing how much the cost of food and drink has increased since before the pandemic. You’d want very deep pockets  to stay in hotels for a vacation, and that is just for the essentials. On one of the nights we were there I noticed a crowd gathering with all the men in formal black tie dress. I thought it might be a wedding until I noticed the odd politician amongst the attendance. As it turned out it was the Lord Mayor’s Ball, a very prestigious occasion  with a string quartet playing outside the ballroom door as they went in. It got me thinking about the “black tie” dress and why we do it. We live in a republic where every citizen is supposed to be equal so why would we try and ape the dress of the British nobility. Surely, by this stage, we are confident enough to be ourselves and dress as ourselves rather than foreign peers of the realm. Weddings too have fallen for this mimicry. I can’t understand why the  groom and his attendants want to wear the morning suits worn by the English aristocracy. Apart from anything else, it is a total waste of money, money that may be badly needed when the couple want to take out a mortgage on a house or any other of the many expenses that go with setting up home together. While I am on the subject; I think weddings, in general, have got totally out of hand.  The costumes cost a fortune and is there really a need for stretch limousines or vintage  cars to take the bride to the church, a place of worship that more resembles a nursery with all the flowers and plants that are on display from the gate to the altar. The reception area is also heavily decorated, at a price, and we can no longer sit on chairs unless they are hidden by a white cover.  The wedding meal, normally priced between €30 and  €40, now costs nearer €100 and a band that would play in a pub for two hours for €300 is costing €2,000 for the same amount of time at a wedding. These are but a few of the ways weddings are being exploited for vast profit because people are led to believe that they need all these trimmings or they will appear mean. Maybe I am getting too like Victor Meldrew in my old age but I hate to see people being conned out of their hard earned money. It is, however, their choice and if it is what they want to do and it makes them happy, good luck to them.

The elections in Northern Ireland shows that the political scene is changing. For the first time in history, a nationalist party holds the most seats and are entitled to nominate the first minister. Sinn Féin have done remarkably well on both parts of this island and are on course to make big gains in the south in future elections, if they continue on course. Though Sinn Féin have the most seats they have roughly the same support as the Unionist parties together. It brings the possibility of a border poll taking place as  provided for in the Good Friday Agreement. There hasn’t been much emphasis on it during the election campaigns and I think they would be well advised to delay bringing it to the table for a while yet. Most of us would like to see the country united but it is unlikely that a border poll would succeed at the moment. Many citizens of the North who vote nationalist do not want to be part of the Republic for economic reasons. They  are far better off, especially at the moment where they enjoy the benefits of being part of Britain as well as getting the benefits of the European union. The election in the North was not fought on border polls but on the bread and butter issues that effect every household. The success of the Alliance party is to be welcomed as it shows that there is a growing middle ground that don’t want to perpetuate the Orange and Green rivalry. The DUP has dug a hole for itself putting all its eggs in the “scrap the protocol” basket.  People are more interested in getting the assembly up and running so that they can get on with the  administration and there is little hope of the protocol being scrapped. The DUP are depending on Boris Johnson to save them but  they won’t be the first to be disappointed by that Prime Minister. There is no easy solution but the future lies with diplomacy and the ability of the UK and Europe to hammer out an accommodation. The future of the North cannot be held to ransom because a political group, who once abused the power they had, want to again have their own way, regardless of the welfare of the people they represent.

Community Notes May 10th. from West Limerick Resources CLG

SICAP – Social Inclusion Community Activation Programme: The SICAP team is available to assist individuals and groups across West Limerick who feel that they could benefit from our support. If you would like more information on the programme and the supports available, please email SICAP Co-Ordinator Dearbhla on [email protected].

BUILDING CHILDREN’S SELF ESTEEM & RESILIENCE FREE WORKSHOP:  Join Dr Mary O’Kane for practical advice on how to support your child to face challenges and develop solutions. 7:00 to 8:30pm May 19 Askeaton Community Centre.  Places are limited and registration is essential on  For further details contact Stefanie Jaeger Liston [email protected]  0873982925

OFFICIAL OPENING:  West Limerick Resources with Limerick Youth Service & Foroige invite you to the official opening of The Solar, the community hub room at Askeaton Community Centre at 4pm on May 19

SICAP RURAL EMPLOYMENT SERVICE (RES) / YOUTH EMPLOYMENT SERVICE (YES):  If you are currently unemployed or work part-time, the Employment Service offers 1:1 support and career planning around education, training, and employment opportunities.  To find out more contact Finn 087 759 1951 or email [email protected],  Eddie 087 653 5156 or email [email protected]

SICAP SELF EMPLOYMENT SUPPORTS: If you are considering Self Employment and would like to know more about the process involved you should contact our Enterprise Support Officer Brenda Heath 087 766 9952 or email [email protected]

WEST LIMERICK JOBS: Follow for daily posts on job vacancies and training opportunities throughout West Limerick.

SICAP FAMILY SUPPORTS: For free support and guidance for parents and caregivers contact Mary O’Connor 087 938 2883 or email [email protected],  Stefanie Jaeger Liston 087 398 2925 or [email protected]

SICAP LOCAL COMMUNITY GROUPS: West Limerick Resources provides ongoing support to Local Community Groups in the West Limerick area. Should your group require any support, guidance, or training contact Damien on 087 904 2477

SOCIAL INCLUSION AND COMMUNITY ACTIVATION PROGRAMME (SICAP):  The SICAP initiatives are funded by West Limerick Resources CLG under the Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme (SICAP) 2018-2022, which is funded by the Irish Government through the Department of Rural and Community Development and co-funded by the European Social Fund under the Programme for Employability, Inclusion and Learning (PEIL) 2014-2020.


Social Farming is the practice of offering activity on family farms as a form of Social Support service. In Social Farming the farm remains a working farm at its core but invites people to participate in the day-to-day activities on the farm. Interested farmers & farm families who would like to hear more about Social Farming please contact Eadaoin, at West Limerick Resources CLG, on 087 366 3842 or email her [email protected]

LEADER OPEN FOR APPLICATIONS:  The LEADER Transition and EURI Programmes are now open for applications for eligible community and enterprise projects.  Grant aid for capital works is currently available to all at a rate of 75% to a maximum €200,000 however funding is limited and will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis. Funding is also available for eligible training and A&D projects.  Please note conventional retail, agriculture, childcare, healthcare and on-going running costs are among the areas ineligible for LEADER funding.  For more information or to discuss your ideas please contact one of our development officers:  Caitriona Scully (Enterprise, Tourism and Food Projects) – [email protected]  or Aimee Grigg (Community Projects) [email protected]


As Part of Rathkeale Pre Social Cohesion Project Lillian Doolan has been appointed as

Community Support Officer. Lillian is available by appointment to Help and Support all Rathkeale Residents with Information on Rights and Entitlements in the following areas:


This is a Free, Confidential, and impartial Service              

Appointment Times: Mon to Wednesday 9.30 to 4.30 (Closed 1pm to 2pm)

Call, Email, Text, or WhatsApp  [email protected] 0873986814

THE JOB CLUB:  We work with ‘job ready’ people who seek training and advice on job seeking skills and is open to unemployed people of all ages.  It is a free and confidential service to help you plan, actively seek and secure realistic work opportunities by providing individual or group support and guidance sessions in all areas relating to looking for a job, particularly the preparation of CVs, cover letters and interview techniques. The Job Club is funded and contracted by the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection.  For further information please contact Helen, at West Limerick Resources CLG, on 069 77664/087 147 2330 or email [email protected] or Nicole on 087 095 7653 or email [email protected]

Further information on all our activities and projects is available on or check out our Facebook page: