By Peg Prendeville

As I said last week, Mass times will change in the parish of Loughill/Ballyhahill from next weekend June 4th when Mass will be in Foynes at 6pm and in Kilcolman at 7.30pm. From Sunday June 5 Mass will be in Loughill at 9.30 am, Shanagolden at 10.00 am and Glin at 11am.

I had a lovely pleasant visit from a few neighbours recently and we were discussing how good it is to be able to visit in comfort again; without masks or the fear of contacting or passing on Covid. Hopefully, even though we hear of a new strain, that easiness will continue. There is no doubt that the lockdowns put angst into people who are still recovering from the isolation and the fear. I realise that these measures had to be taken but they took their toll on people’s mental health also. It is good to hear of people’s plans to travel this year; hopefully they will all enjoy the freedom of holidays whether abroad or at home.

Ballyhahill school is having a party on the 10th of June at 12 noon to celebrate Mrs Hartnett’s retirement and is inviting anybody who wishes to join them.

It is bog weather. I admit I only went to see the turf and have not done any actual work as I am leaving it to the next generation but I came across this poem which I wrote in 2014. The grandchildren consider it a great adventure when they go and they have fun but, to be fair they help out too.

A day in the bog

Today I took my grandson to the bog;

the same bog in which my ancestors spent

their lives scraping a living; backs broken

from bending over stooks of heavy turf.

I showed this toddler how to build a “foot”

He watched and then he placed two upon two

“Is it like this?” he asked with eager eyes

And I could almost hear my father say

“Good man you are; you can’t bate the breedin”.

I stood to arch my back against the strain

And smiled as another generation

Left his mark on the soft brown mountain soil.

For in my heart I knew to him ‘twas fun

And for him the drudgery would be gone.