By Peg Prendeville

I was away for two days last week meeting up with friends who were former flatmates in the 1970’s in Dublin. We had not met since pre-Covid times so it was great to catch up on how our lives were panning out. Amazing how quickly we could fit into the groove again and remember old times and have a laugh over how innocent and gullible we were in our young days in Dublin. In the meantime Jim had a chance to bond more with our children who rallied around to look after him. So it was good on all sides. We were blessed with fine weather also.

Talking about innocence … one of my grandchildren made me smile during the week when she said “Nana, you are lucky you have no children.” “Why do you say that,” I asked. “Cos your house is very quiet!” The grandchildren always give us a reason to smile. I remember when Jim came home in a wheelchair last year the only remark one of them said was “Granda is very clean!” They were used to Jim in dungarees and smelly wellingtons of course. The wheelchair did not bother them at all.

I believe there was a great night of music in Knockdown with the Athea Comhaltas at the weekend. It is great that people can get a chance once again to go out and enjoy themselves. Hopefully the Covid is slinking away into the background and will not re-emerge.

Now that the weather is so nice it is giving us all a chance to do some outside jobs but it also shows up how much work is to be done in washing and painting so I hope it stays around long enough to get a lot of it done. The turf must be turned or footed soon too. Don’t tell Eamon Ryan though.!!!!