By Peg Prendeville

It’s amazing the way life changes when there are health challenges in a house. Pre Jim’s stroke I read a lot more, I was more aware of what was going on in the community and even in church affairs. Now, my only focus is minding Jim and making sure he is ok, getting his medications, doing some physio exercises with him and generally ensuring that his life is as good as it can be in the circumstances. So I can’t believe that we are only one week away from Holy Week which culminates in Easter Sunday. It proves that the world goes on turning even when we’re not taking much notice!

Filling in the Census form on Sunday night was a simpler task than the last time seeing as there are  only two of us in the household now. The Time Capsule slot has put us all thinking. It should prove to be interesting reading for those who will be around in 100 years time. That is if the world hasn’t burned up through climate change. But, in all honesty, if the world is as old as scientists claim it to be, it will hardly disappear now. It may change and change drastically but it will be keep on spinning  as it has done. The whole solar system is dependent on each planet working together so it will adapt to whatever circumstances come in the way. That is not to say that we can wilfully destroy it; we are all in this together and should play our part in doing the best we can to keep this beautiful planet as beautiful as it was intended to be.

Which once again brings me on to the subject of roadside litter. This is the time of year when Team Limerick Cleanup encourage all to get out and clean up our roads.  I did a little bit locally myself this week and now see that on top of all the usual bottles, cartons and cans we now have to pick up discarded masks. But there is no point in talking. Things do not change I’m afraid. But it still galls me to think that some people expect others to pick up their rubbish after them.

I thought Daniel O’Donnell said a very profound statement on Croagh Patrick last Saturday when he accompanied Charlie Bird to the summit. I can’t get his exact words but it was something like “how one man can unite a country while another divides the world.” How true. I am praying for a miracle that Putin will have a change of heart and realise the error of his ways. Meanwhile congratulations to Charlie Bird and all who supported his very successful climb to the summit of Croagh Patrick and raised so much money for Pieta House and MND. It proves that the human body can accomplish so much more than we think.