By Peg Prendeville

Congratulations to Lisa Daly, Dromagarraun,  who featured in the Limerick Leader last week telling us about her new business. She was joined by other enterprising women to mark International Women’s Day on March 8th.

Congratulations to Mrs. Flavin, Glenagragra, who became a grandmother recently when her son Johnny and wife Louise gave birth to a baby boy, Peadar. Wishing the parents and Nana loads of happiness.

It is census time again and forms are being delivered to each house. The results of previous census are to be found in all libraries for those who might be interested. It can make interesting factual reading.

We are in for a tough year and probably many years. No sooner had we thought that Covid had gone – it hasn’t – than Russia put the cat among the pigeons and is causing angst all over the world not to mention the awful suffering of Ukranians. We cannot despair and must pray for a good resolution but it is hard to see light in the midst of all this turmoil. I take comfort from St Julian of Norwich who proclaimed  that “ALL SHALL BE WELL” but it takes me a while to convince myself these days. Nevertheless I hope it is true. My prayer is to “Let harmony descend upon the earth and peace and love prevail”. I borrowed those lines from somebody many years ago.

It is good to hear that we are in for a fine weekend, weather-wise, just in time for St Patrick’s Day. We have missed two years of the celebrations so it will be good to have some this year. And an extra bank holiday also. So I wish you all a lovely weekend.

After that we have the Knockdown Vintage Run on March 27. This is always a great day thanks to the hard working committee. Of course, we have lost out on two of those days also due to COVID but hopefully this year will make up for all. Tickets are on sale with the monies going to Irish Community Air Ambulance. The Rapid Response Ground Ambulance is part of the Air ambulance and can be, and has been, a lifesaver for some local people.