By Peg Prendeville

At last Spring looks like it might be getting into action. We’ve had a horrible month of February so we hope brighter and better days are coming. The weekend looks good for the Confirmation ceremonies in Loughill and Ballyhahill. Ballyhahill at 9am. Loughill at 1 pm.

A great crowd turned out at Kearney’s Bakery in Tenekilla last Sunday to do the 7k walk and raise funds for the Irish Heart foundation. All participants were treated to tea and snacks in the Tearoom afterwards. This is the 30th anniversary of Kearney’s Home Baking Ltd. What a great success for a local business which was set up by Maura and Siobhán who were only young girls at the time. I wish them continued success for the years to come and must say I enjoyed my five years working in their business in the 1990’s.

War in Ukraine

“The Russians are coming, hide under the bed”

How often in youth did I hear people say

And I wondered for sure if all Russians were bad

And I hoped and I prayed that I’d not see the day

When the Russians decided to start a big war

And pile pain on the neighbours who lived right next door

Led by a fanatic who was hungry for power

Bringing their standard of living right down to the floor.

For just as Covid 19 got tired and stepped back

Putin decided to light up the fuse

Despite assurances that it was not his plan

He sent in the troops and all hell broke loose.

But we mustn’t lose hope or cry out in pain

There’s good to be seen all over the earth

And we pray that it spreads deep into Ukraine

So, soon again, they’ll feel safe in their country of birth.