By Kathleen Mullane

What horrifying scenes the whole world have been witnessing these past few days on TV and Newspapers  as we see the devastation in Ukraine, caused by a man who is Evil beyond description. Families left with nothing but the clothes on their backs as they try frantically to get out with their young children. We have seen wives leaving their husbands behind to fight for their country, elderly people unable to walk trying to get on to buses and trains. A young couple the other day on the front of a paper rushing with their 18 month old son in a blood soaked blanket, to try and get into a hospital, having been hit by the Russian troops. Unfortunately like so many other innocent victims he didn’t make it. PUTIN  is a second Hitler and hopefully he will be dealt with. The whole world HATES this MONSTER.

IRELAND once again has shown its generosity by giving aid and opening its doors to these innocent victims. Just today I heard on the news that The Red Cow in Dublin, run now by Tommy Moran’s family, has opened its doors to the Ukranian People providing them with a bed and food, how charitable.

Rachel Greaney who celebrated her 21st Saturday night with her best friend Maeve Murphy

Congrats and good wishes are extended to my neighbour Rachel Greaney, daughter of Ita and Tommy, Templeathea, who celebrated her 21st birthday along with her family and many friends at Brown Joe’s on Saturday night last. A great night was enjoyed by everyone

You are reminded that during Lent on Friday evenings before mass the Stations of the Cross will take place at 7pm with mass at 7.30. Also the Rosary will be recited before evening mass on Saturdays at 7.15 and again on Sunday mornings at 10.15 before the morning mass.

Sunday April 3rd is CENSUS night. And we are all obliged to fill in the form on that night to determine how many people are in our country, where hospitals are needed and schools and a lot more.

A  sign on a school board recently read the following which is the thought for the week:-

Every Accomplishment starts with the decision to TRY.