By Kathleen Mullane

What a lovely stretch in the evening after a nice dry sunny day this Monday. A big change from our stormy wet weather of the last few weeks.

Tomorrow Tuesday is Pancake Day. This was a day years ago that people cleared their cupboards of flour etc in preparation for Lenten Fasting when they would drink black tea for the duration of 6 weeks and 4 days, and have no butter on their bread and would give up so much more. Nowadays we are urged to Take on something instead of giving up something. Maybe visit a neighbour or friend who live on their own, give someone a ring if  you haven’t spoken to them in a while, or take an elderly person out for a drive. I suppose we should urge our young people to try and put down their phones for a while too, Iwonder how they would take that.

Ashes will be distributed at 9.30am Mass on Ash Wednesday morning and again at 7.30pm that evening.

Happy birthday wishes are extended to Fr. Duggan who celebrated his 75th birthday this past week and is still going strong.

Congrats and good wishes are extended to Caroline Murphy and Neilius O’Sullivan of Lower Athea on the birth of their new baby this past week, a little boy they are naming Jack. Grandparents Anne-Marie and Connie Sullivan and Charlie and Betty Murphy are super excited.

Mary and Dinjoe Mullane have become Grandparents also recently, their daughter Christina and her husband Oakley Costello having been blessed with their new baby boy they are naming Donagh. Congrats and good wishes are extended to all of them.

Vincent De Paul conferences all over the country have been under a lot of pressure, with many families being burdened with rising costs of fuel, groceries and much more. We here in Athea are always there to lend a helping hand if needed. Presently VDP  conferences are being asked to Volunteer in Charity Shops run by VDP and to help out in other ways also. If you would like to become a member contact one of the Athea VDP conference. Garda vetting is a necessity for membership and training.

A great crowd attended the Talk in the hall on Friday night last given by Ciaran Carey and his co-worker Niamh. It was good to see so many of our youth present too. Drug addiction, Gambling and so many addictions were spoken about and even addiction to ones phone is now added to the list .Well done to THE HEALTHY ATHEA CLUB for organising the event. The main message that ensued was to TALK to your Family, Friends and someone who can help you and don’t leave it too long. Also the advice was to speak to your children the earlier the better about drugs, alcohol etc. Anyone that may need a helping hand, help is out there just ASK.