By Peg Prendeville

It’s lovely to see the stretch in the evenings and to look forward to the growth of spring. But that will not be much comfort to the poor family in Newcastlewest who lost their young child in a motor accident in Adare last week. I do not know the circumstances so can’t comment and I can only imagine their pain and torment. I see where people gathered in the town at the weekend to release balloons in his memory. Not taking from their pain but I cannot understand why people use balloons like this. Where are the balloons going to go? They are the cause of doing a lot of damage to wildlife as well as getting caught in trees and bushes. They are floating litter. I wish people used another means of marking a person’s passing.

Speaking of litter it is good to see Team  Limerick Clean-up can go ahead this year on Good Friday. The roads are a show in many parts. I hope lots of people get working on this throughout the county and gather up as much rubbish as possible. Jim Prendeville was a great man in Knockdown to get the event going in local roads. Sadly he is not in a position to do this anymore.

I was very sad to hear of the death of Seanie Adams last week. It brings back a memory from childhood. I was going to school in Clounleharde and my new glamorous teacher was Miss Sheahan. My mother said  “Now, don’t call your teacher Miss anymore. You must call her Ma’am after today because she is married now.” And  Seanie Adams was the man who changed her from Miss to Ma’am. He was well liked by all and known as a tough but fair man in business. He had great vision and courage back in the 60’s to go into the car business at a time when there were very few cars. But we can all see how successful he was and his sons continue to expand the business. I send my sympathies to Maria and all extended family. All of Glin will miss his presence either in the garage or walking the shore everyday. May he rest in peace.

Holiday by the Lake

Peg, she had a great idea

She was dying for a break

But how would she mange Jim at all

Great plans she’d have to make.

So she rang Jim’s sisters and enquired

If they’d like to book

A few days in the Lake hotel

That would get her off the hook.

Fair play to them, they responded

And so it came to pass

That all of them had the best of fun

Walking to Muckross.

And Seamus enjoyed the company

Of his sisters and their men

And did not feel left out at all

Though he could not walk with them.

And Peg was very happy

Among the mountains and the lake

Which filled her soul with wonder

and helped soothe her heart which ached

To watch her fine strong husband

Confined to his wheelchair.

But her troubles soon were melted

By Killarney’s fragrant air.

Peg Prendeville