By Peg Prendeville

It is nice to see life returning to what we knew pre Covid 19. I’m sure that the huge crowd which attended the Kerry/Dublin match in Tralee on Saturday night enjoyed the atmosphere in spite of the awful wind and rain. Let us hope that there will be no return to lockdowns as we look forward to the year ahead including  St Patrick’s Festival, not to mention the Athea Drama which is coming up first. When I think back to the two years we’ve had I shudder sometimes at the thought of what we’ve all had to endure: deprived of the company and touch of our grandchildren, no funeral wakes for loved ones, no visits to Jim in hospital and when we did get some it had to be at social distance. How awful it all was. Meanwhile some people in high places flouted all the rules and laughed at us.

Knockdown Vintage Club is re-energising also and planning its big day at the end of March. Weekly meetings are taking place in preparation for this.

The Abha Bhán Players have decided to take off the pressure and will be aiming for Autumn for their drama The Buds of Ballybunion.

It is lovely to see daffodils and snowdrops peeping through the soil. A sign of hope in troubling times. Wouldn’t it be nice if Putin concentrated on admiring the flowers instead of what he is at? I hope common sense prevails.