By Kathleen Mullane


Here we are in February can you believe it. I think we all dread January, but you know what it was a lovely Month with very little rain and great temperatures for the entire month. And considering the awful extreme cold temperatures they are experiencing at the moment in America, as my daughter tells me, you can’t even go out it’s so bitterly cold -28 degrees last week. We are so blessed here in our little island of Ireland we have no extremes. And isn’t it great to see so many not only from our own parish, but from neighbouring parishes coming out especially for Healthy Athea Night on Tuesdays and Operation Transformation on Thursday nights, men, women and children so we will be one of the fittest parishes around.

The death took place last week of Denis Moore who was a Guard here in Athea some years ago and will be remembered also from his footballing days with Athea. Sympathy is extended to his family, relatives and friends. May the light of heaven be his.

I was just reading in the daily paper the other day that Ronaldo, who has a son of 12  and who is an idol among his fans and a soccer player who could afford luxuries for his family of any amount has refused to buy his son a phone and is holding him off from the thought of it by saying he has to learn that he can’t get everything he asks for and has to learn to appreciate that you have to work to buy luxuries. I thought Fair play to you, as some kids can be so demanding and want the latest in Hi-Tech everything, the parents should be telling them sometimes that Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees and if they need a luxury they should earn their pocket money by helping out at home.

The Feast of St Blaise is this week and Fr. Duggan will bless our Throats at the masses on Friday and Saturday evening at 7.30p.m. and on Sunday morning at 10.30a.m.

Thought For The Week:-