By Peg Prendeville

There is great rejoicing over the lifting of restrictions since last Friday. While we all breathe a sigh of relief I would still be a bit cautious. The virus did not automatically dissipate just because restrictions are lifted but I certainly hope that the worst is over and that 2022 will be a bit more pleasant than the past two years. Mind you, rumblings from Russia does not make for pleasant thoughts so we hope that will peter out also.

While working in Glin library over the years a Scrabble group was formed which used to meet in the library every week. It then moved to the Taste café as the libraries were not taking groups. And of course Covid stopped it in the café also for a while so it was lovely to connect up again this week in the Taste Cafe after a long lapse. We all agreed that human beings need each other and we need to interact while trying to keep our brains active also. It is a nice diversion away from the more serious side of life.

The Abha Bhán players continue to have fun while rehearsing The Buds of Ballybunion. We are not as driven or ambitious as the Athea drama group, who are almost ready for staging, so we have decided to take our time at it and hold off ‘til the autumn. No pressure is our motto!

I was very sorry to hear of the death, in Birmingham, of Harry Windle, formerly Glenagragra, last week. Harry and all the Windles went to school with us in Clounleharde during the 1960’s. Sympathies to all his family.

It was great to meet some more neighbours on the Limerick greenway again last Sunday, including fellow correspondent Kathleen Mullane and Paddy, neighbours Patrick Langan and Maireád, Anthony and Evelyn Nash and their two babies and Paul Mullane and Brid and family. It is lovely to see so many people enjoying themselves outdoors. And it is lovely to get the weather to do so.