By Peg Prendeville

My sympathies to Esther Kinnane and family on the death of her grandmother Mary Ahern, Coole West.

The following poem is a light-hearted version of my weekend.

Booster Shot

Everything seemed to fit just right

When I got my Booster call

My hubby was in rehab

So I had no care at all.

And then I had a great idea

Now that I have time to spare

I’ll go to see some family

In Fanore in Co. Clare.

On the way to Patrickswell

My battery light flashed red

So I had to make a detour

And get that fixed instead.

But with guidance from my angels

I got my battery replaced

And got my booster shot, no bother,

And headed to Co. Clare.

Some Neurofen and water

Was the advice I took

I had no symptoms, pains nor aches

I did everything by the book.

But when I went to bed that night

And was thanking God in prayer

I got a fit of shivering

In Fanore in Co. Clare.

The cold attacked from inside my bones

And invaded every pore

I couldn’t warm up at all

I was frozen to the core.

I wrapped up inside a duvet

Tucked pillows here and there

But not a wink of sleep I got

In Fanore in Co. Clare.

I yawned and tossed and turned

As I counted down the hours

And now my body was on fire

And I could not cool it down.

I was not the best of company

As I rested all next day

But thank God I slept on Sunday night

In my bed in Co. Clare.

And now I hear of Omicron

And I wonder will I dare

Accept another booster?

It’s hard to know, I swear!

Now I’m cuddled up in my own bed

And offering up a prayer

For the people who put up with me

While shivering in Clare.