by Peg Prendeville

Here we are again at the end of another year of Knockdown News. What a year it has been for some of us and very dull and quiet for more. Just when we thought we were at the end of Covid we find ourselves back at square one again. But, as I’ve discovered, when challenges strike you just keep on plodding along and things turn out alright. Different, but alright. The world hasn’t stopped spinning in millions of years. It will hardly stop in our lifetime! Let’s be grateful for what we’ve got.

I started a new tradition in our family last Christmas. I’ve got thirteen grandchildren now and so we reenacted the Christmas story with all of them playing a part down to the baby Jesus. They go from shed to shed to find the stable! So we are doing the same this week. I look forward to it. Tis fun. They have their lines learned and are ready to go.

Let us all enjoy Christmas as much as we can and make time for family and friends. There is no time curfew to ring a friend and have a chat or sit with family at home. I am delighted to hear that Carrigkerry wrenboys will be playing outdoors in Knockdown on Sunday giving us all a chance to enjoy some music and song from the comfort of our cars if needs be. Something different to which we look forward.

So, Happy Safe Christmas to all and a hopefully Happy Healthy New Year in 2022.

Thanks to Domhnall and Lillian and all you readers for keeping the Athea and District Newsletter going every week. See you next year!