By Peg Prendeville

There was a great turnout for the Estuary Rollers on Sunday night in Knockdown when almost 200 tractors rolled in with horns blaring and lights flashing. I’m told it could be nearly seen from space such was the dazzling display. Well done to this local committee who puts in so much hard work and time to arrange this event in order to gather funds for Milford Hospice and Friends of St. Ita’s. Having started out at the Mart in Listowel it travelled to Moyvane, Tarbert and Glin before finishing in Knockdown where prizes were presented and raffle prizes won. A gofundme page has been set up to enable those who could not travel and who would like to contribute. .

As I write these notes on Monday night I am listening to all the weather alerts about Storm Barra which is barrelling in from the Atlantic. We had better tie down anything that moves as it sounds ferocious. Let’s hope it does not do too much damage. Lots of events have had to be cancelled and some Christmas plans postponed. We thought we had enough to deal with, with the threat of Covid and Omicron but it seems not. We must face Storm Barra also.

On a personal level it one year since Jim got his stroke. What a year of tears and fears! BUT, we have survived and are getting accustomed to living a completely different life. Jim has spent two weeks in rehab getting extra physio which we hope will enable him get on his feet sooner rather than later. No matter how bad things are there is always room for hope and that, along with all your good wishes, has kept us going all year. Thank you.