By Kathleen Mullane


This week sees the parish newsletter online only, there is no printed version as the man at the Helm -Domhnall de Barra is over in America as are a few more people from our area, some gone to celebrate Thanksgiving along with their families, which I’m sure they were so looking forward to as they hadn’t seen their loved ones due to Covid for so long. We wish all a very happy Thanksgiving and indeed all those in our area who may have USA connections and will be thinking of the special day on this Thursday which is their Christmas Day. I’m sure Lillian will have everything in order in the Cairde Duchais office  in Domhnall’s absence.

Our temperatures have gone down these past couple of days with much cooler nights, frosty mornings, the heat on, however its beautiful during the daytime especially from mid morning to late afternoon time, so wrap up and enjoy and hopefully the frosty weather will kill off some of the bugs that are going around at the moment more especially Covid which it seems has a terrible grip on Europe especially at the moment with Austria going into total Lockdown  and its awful to see the riots with Frustration being the major element.

Offertory Boxes are being distributed at the moment to all the townlands, you are asked to note that your existing number may have changed. If by any chance you haven’t received your box you can contact Siobhán or Fr Brendan, or indeed myself and I can pass on the message to them. It’s important that as many parishioners as possible give a little each week, or indeed you can give whichever way is suitable for you, whether monthly or quarterly, as the envelope collection is the main income for the church and with the decline in priests who knows how long our church will be open and how long we will have a priest.


If you never have time for anything, you never will if you don’t make time yourself for it.