By Kathleen Mullane


Well another All Ireland Football Final over for yet another year, and yet again MAYO didn’t get to lift the Sam Maguire. I  think everyone in the parish was rooting for them and way beyond too but yet again it was unfortunately not going to be their day, but maybe next year.

What song do you think came on Radio Kerry first thing when I switched it on Sunday morning only The Boys from the County Mayo. As it goes –

Be like a brother and love one another,


This is what they must do and all their followers likewise – have a bit of Hope and Heart and eventually it will happen.

The capacity in Athea Church has thankfully now increased to about 150 and this is great to see. Anyone that was at mass on Saturday evening last was enthralled by the haunting voice of young Maeve Ahern of Dirreen – daughter of Mary Ita Shine-Ahern. Maeve is a 2nd year student at Tarbert Comp and sang along with her music teacher Tara Mulvihill of Moyvane. Keep an ear out for the future of this very young, talented girl she will definitely go places – well done Maeve.

How quickly the nights are drawing in as they say, but we are lucky the weather is staying nice and dry – long may it last.

Heard on the news today that people should be thinking of picking up a few bits and pieces for CHRISTMAS, normally this early advice would drive you mad. However it seems there is going to be a huge shortage of bikes and other types of toys etc. IKEA, the big store, along with many others are finding it extremely difficult to get supplies of furniture. So be aware I also heard its only about 100 days to Christmas.

Thought for the week:-

However difficult LIFE may seem – there is always something you can do and SUCCEED at.