By Kathleen Mullane


Many times have we heard it in the past few days especially from those who are living in other countries, that they were so proud to be IRISH, when Kerrie Harrington won her Gold Medal in boxing. For her family and the residents of Dublin’s Inner City and Portland Row it was so emotional to say the least. A down to earth lovely person who we heard auctioned a winning boxing belt some time ago to raise money for a homeless person. With a lot of NEGATIVITY around at present it was so GREAT to see her hugging the other medal winners in her event after the medal ceremony. It makes for a lot of Happiness to see that there are still some genuine young people in our Country – well done to her, and I’m sure many of the young kids will follow in her FOOTSTEPS in the near future.

Sincere congrats to Jacquie Stackpoole and Con Wrenn of Templeathea who were blessed with their new baby recently, a little girl they are naming Connie, a sister for Tommy her little brother. Congrats also to the proud grandparents Margaret and Tom Stackpoole of Gortnagross, Athea.

Congrats are also extended to Rory Cleary of Gortnagross who was the recent winner of 2 Gold Medals in Sprinting with AN RIOCHT running club in Castleisland, no doubt his family were super excited with his achievement.

This is not going to be a nice week for our family, as we should have been heading for the U.S.A. Our eldest grandson who works in Texas will be marrying Katie McAlliney of Pennsylvania. Unfortunately due to Covid we won’t be flying in to Newark and meeting our daughter Marielle and her husband Dave and other grandson Jack who we haven’t seen for a couple of years nearly now. But it was not to be. What I find strange is that if you are an American citizen you can travel but otherwise NO. They will all be uppermost in our thoughts and prayers.

We remember those worse off who couldn’t get home for funerals etc during Covid.

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK:- All good things are difficult to achieve; and bad things are very easy to get.