By Peg Prendeville

Sincere sympathy to Councillor John Sheahan, Ballyguiltenane, and his family and extended family on the unexpected death of his mother Anne recently. In pre-Covid times this would have been a huge funeral but again all has been changed by the necessary restrictions. But I do hope that the Irish tradition of people gathering and sympathising will not be lost forever.

However I also think it will be a long time before life will return to what we thought was normal. Who would have thought, this time last year, that we would be still dodging this virus. It could be another year before we feel we are really out of danger.

It has been a long time since there was any kind of excitement around the Knockdown Arms due to the Covid restrictions but recently there was a stir in the area when a portable toilet was erected across the road from the shop. This is a first in the area and no bad idea at all. So now when the urge comes on you while travelling there’s no need to panic; just stop at the Knockdown Arms and you will get the relief that you need. Fair play to Ta who is always thinking ahead.

Congratulations to Joe Harrison, Knockdown, who has recently become a Grandad to Ethan. Ethan’s parents John and Laura in Scotland are delighted to have a brother for Finn.

Life is going well in Glenbawn, albeit entirely different to what we were used to. There is nothing more frustrating than asking somebody a question, knowing that that person knows the answer but cannot say it. Frustrating on both sides. But there is also the reassurance that one does not always need words to communicate. However words are very handy so be grateful for them.