By Kathleen Mullane


Last week as I sat on the wall near the Memorial Hall with my sister Patsy, as we waited for Sean Casey’s funeral to pass, and incidentally we were only waiting for 15 minutes or so, we witnessed in that short space of time almost 3 crashes. First 2 cyclists coming in the Glin Road about to turn over the bridge were nearly  knocked down. After that there were only inches between 2 car collisions also on the bridge. There is an elevation on the street side of the bridge making it difficult for traffic on both sides to see each other’s vehicles approaching. Some come at a dangerous speed also and if schoolchildren happen to be in the vicinity God help them. Many have said that there should be Speed Ramps or at least something near the bridge to slow traffic down.

The reason I’m ranting this week about this is that on Sunday morning last it was so sad to see so many ducks strewn across the middle of the road near the hall. The week before they had only been placed in the river by the Gun Club. It seems there could have been up to a dozen or so Mowed Down. One might say — oh they couldn’t escape on the road — Exactly — that’s my point. There was a good space where the vehicle if going slow could have avoided them but they had No Escape. It could have been a child, or indeed an adult. Something has to be done before its —TOO LATE. Incidentally much the same could be said about the bridge at the Templeathea-Dirreen border near Cunningham’s which is lethal also.

Well done to the 4 Athea boys – James Hunt, Callum Buckley, Rory Cleary and Evan Curry who, on Saturday last, travelled to take on Waterford and Tipperary to Staker Wallace and gave a great display with the Limerick team.

Sympathy is extended to the Athea relatives and friends of Eileen Moran of Newcastlewest who was laid to rest after requiem mass on Monday. She was predeceased by her husband Paddy. May she rest in peace.

Great to see our chemist here in Athea running the vaccination for the younger age group shortly.

Can you believe it, BACK TO SCHOOL is being advertised already. I saw copies in a leaflet and pencils etc the other day. I wonder will CHRISTMAS be soon after.


The great thing to know is – WHEN TO SPEAK AND WHEN TO KEEP QUIET.